Things Kim Kardashian Said That Are Pure Gold

Love her or hate her, at least you’ll get a good laugh out of her!

Oh, Kim K. She has said and done things that are crazy, hysterical, face palm worthy, and maybe even borderline relatable? Read on for our roundup of the best things she has ever said; for better or even for worse. Either way, it’s pure entertainment gold. Love her or hate her, at least you’ll get a good laugh out of her!

Gummy Bears For The Win

“Late night gummy bear run…” A late night gummy bear run is something we can all get behind. A. I’m surprised she even eats gummy bears and B. who looks like this on a late night bodega run?! Not me, my friends. Not me.

Kim Kardashian – Instagram 

Nightly Routine

So relatable. Like Drake says, hair tied chilling with no makeup on is the best look for all of us. Bet you anything though she would not post a picture of this on Instagram.

Kim Kardashian West – Twitter

Thanks For Having My Back

“Thanks for always having my back and eating all my left overs so they don’t go to waste!” What a way to appreciate your assistant on her birthday. Take notes, people.

Kim Kardashian – Instagram 


Cinnabon gets us too. Wait, Kim, have you ever even eaten this before?!

Kim Kardashian West – Twitter

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