All The Feelings We Have While Watching This Is Us

Tuesdays are better than Fridays! We laugh, we cry…ok, we pretty much only cry.

Tuesdays are simply better than Fridays, now that we have This Is Us to tune into! We laugh, we cry…ok, we pretty much only cry (and ugly cry at that). Read on for all the feelings we have while watching This Is Us. We know you can relate!

Raise Your Hand If You Ugly Cry Too

Wendi, we’re with you. We always make sure to stock up on tissues on our weekly grocery run. Also, I refuse to let anyone watch me watch This Is Us unless I’m comfortable with letting them see my ugly cry and that’s like a total of two people.


Emotions, Emotions

It’s about the feels, ok? All the feels. All of them. Everywhere. It’s like a feel-splosion honestly.


Ditch Your Mascara

Yeah, Tuesday called and said we’re going to have to rule today as a mascara free zone.


Ditch Your Makeup Too

Ditch your makeup. Just take it all off. It won’t survive an episode. Actually, if you have cried through This Is Us and your makeup has lasted, can you call me? I want to know what brand it is.


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