Add a Splash of Color to Your Life With These Geeky Stained Glass Suncatchers

Need a dash of color with your sunshine? If you’ve got a balcony or garden with space to spare, you can add one of these beautiful stained glass suncatchers or panels! They’re a great way to add a dash of geekiness to your decor, and they’re all small enough to not break the bank!

Captain America

This Tiffany-style piece is a gorgeous take on Captain America’s shield. Glass might not be as strong as vibranium, but it’s a much better match with the decor.

schoenercreations/Etsy – $50

Poké Ball

It won’t catch any Pokémon, but it might attract the curiosity of a hummingbird or two!

GothicGlassStudio/Etsy – $25

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