The Sprint/T-Mobile Mega-Merger is Off – Here Are 5 Other Failed Mergers That Could Have Rocked Tech

In early October, we started hearing that the big four could become the big three — talk of Sprint and T-Mobile joining forces was heating up! That would have left us with just three carriers covering the whole U.S. going into the 5G era, and while the combined company wouldn’t have been bigger than AT&T or Verizon, it would have made them sweat a little more!

But, it’s not happening. According to Nikkei, an outlet out of Japan, the parent companies of Sprint and T-Mobile decided to call off talks. That means we’ll still be rolling with the big four for now. No big changes, but it did make us think back at some other almost-but-not-quite mega deals that would have totally changed the world as we know it today — just imagine, Disney could have been owned by another company! But first, let’s talk about what would have been a rare acquisition for Apple…

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