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DoorDash Wants to Bridge the Gap Between Wasted Food and the People Who Need It

If you watched Anthony Bourdain’s documentary Wasted! The Story of Food Waste last year, you probably know a little about the scope of an alarming problem in the United States. The movie posits that the problem of hunger in the United States isn’t one of supply, but that an alarming amount of the food in this country (up to 40 percent according to some estimates) is thrown away.

That’s not just the half eaten burritos thrown away when ambition outstrips appetite — it comes from misshapen but edible veggies tossed by supermarkets (see below), along with produce and cooked food thrown out by grocery stores and restaurants alike at the end of the day, largely because they have to by law. Meanwhile, shelters and those faced with homelessness increasingly go wanting — it seems like a solvable problem.

Delivery all-stars DoorDash think they have a part to play. As part of a new initiative called Project DASH (DoorDash Acts for Sustainability and Hunger), DoorDash plans to work with Feeding America and their MealConnect program. MealConnect connects restaurants with leftover food to food banks that need it, but there’s been one problem — transportation. Hey! That’s DoorDash’s thing. This should work out!

DoorDash plans to use DoorDash Drive, the new service that has largely been used for business and catering deliveries, to pick food up from the restaurants and drop it off to food banks as per Feeding America’s connections. The donations won’t be expected of the drivers, either — they’ll be paid as they usually would for making one of these food bank delivery runs. DoorDash is also encouraging more restaurants to get involved — and more should be interested now that the transportation problem has been solved.

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