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Sony’s $30,000 4K Projector is Probably This Year’s Most Ridiculously Luxurious Gadget

The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is usually where we look to start putting our tech wish lists for the year together — and usually, that list is reasonably attainable! But, part of the fun of CES is gawking at the ludicrously expensive and fancy gadgets on display, and while we love the Scrabble-playing robot (seriously, we heard there was one there), the most over-the-top thing from this year’s show has to be Sony’s LSPX-A1 4K projector.

How ridiculous is it? Well, there’s that price — it’s a projector that costs as much as a car. Clearly, we’re in life goals territory here. So, how in the world can a light-throwing entertainment machine possibly justify 30 stacks? Let us count the ways.

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  1. Hi, there are many projectors available on the market today and with great video quality that too with HD graphics. Still spending such huge money on this one is not a good move. As you can buy projector from other brands which will clearly satisfy your needs and requirements.

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