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Skiing Robots and Olympians Alike Have Been Hitting the Slopes in South Korea

Lindsey Vonn doesn’t have to look over her shoulder just yet — even the world’s best robot skiers are still on the bunny slopes. While their human counterparts were competing for gold in PyeongChang, those bots were hitting the slopes at a nearby ski resort in South Korea as part of the Ski Robot Challenge. Reuters reports that the competition included eight teams, which came from universities, organizations, and private companies. Those teams built ski bots for a slalom-like course, with the best bot winning its team $10,000 — bots don’t care about us taking their hard-earned money yet.

Anyway, just watch the video because it’s all adorable! The robots are all dressed in little ski outfits, and they have ski poles even though they don’t use them, and they’re super clumsy. Some fall down and crash! Others make it all the way down without hitting any obstacles. Better than I could do!

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