You Can Now Donate to Almost 50 Different Charities Just By Asking Alexa

Amazon just made it way easier to give to your favorite charity when they’re most in need. The company announced today that it’s now possible to give to one of 48 charities simply by asking Alexa nicely using a new feature called Alexa Donations.

With Alexa Donations, you can simply tell Alexa to donate a certain amount of money to the charity of your choice, provided it’s one of those 48 partners. Amazon will use Amazon Pay to draw from funds from your account, making the process as fast and easy as it could possibly be. Sometimes we mean to donate to a cause, but never get around to it because of the need to go through the process of filling out a payment form — Alexa Donations ensures you’ll never have to do that.

If your charity of choice isn’t on the list of 48, it might be coming later. Amazon plans to add more charity partners over time. For now, the list includes organizations like the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society, but they’ve also got the Wikimedia Foundation on there, so you’ll never again have to feel bad about seeing Jimmy Wales’s plaintive face on the top of Wikipedia.

Amazon Pay had already become a pretty popular method of donating to charities, so it stands to reason that by making the process even easier, Alexa Donations should result in millions more dollars going to charity in the coming years.

But, as usual, there’s some measure of security to make sure others don’t start making tons of donations on your behalf. You’ll also have to speak a four-digit confirmation code for any transaction to be processed.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that the service isn’t free. On the charity side, Amazon charges a 2.2 percent processing fee for each transaction on top of a $0.30 authorization fee. That processing fee goes up to 3.2 percent for cross-border transactions.

Via The Verge