The Real Net Worth Of The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Ranked From Poorest To Richest

The Real Housewives of New Jersey are perhaps some of the toughest wives on television. Not one of these ladies will stand for any drama. The women on this show are extremely loyal to one another. Perhaps it’s because a lot of them are actually related!

The family and friend dynamics on this franchise always keep things interesting. There is never a shortage of drama for the New Jersey women.

Another thing they never seem to be short of is trying to show each other up. All of the women on this show continue to amaze viewers with their wealth.

Instagram; pictured above is the cast from The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Bravo’s hit reality TV show

Although some of the women have had their fair share of financial trouble – they always seem to come out on top.

From least to greatest – here are New Jersey housewives net worths that are worth mentioning.

Instagram; pictured above are some of the fan favorite wives featured on the show

Even though she’s no longer a regular on the show, Jacquline Laurita was part of the franchise for  five seasons.

Ultimately, she decided to leave the show due to an issue with the network. During her time though, viewers were able to take part in her emotional journey.

Jacquline’s last season on the show featured the current adversity she was facing. Neither problem was a small one.

This Mom of three’s youngest son was diagnosed with autism.

Jacquline and her husband, Chris, did everything in their power to help their son.

Instagram; pictured above is Jacqueline Laurita with her husband, Chris Laurita

In addition to facing daily challenges with Nicholas, the Laurita family also starting having financial problems.

They lost a majority of their fortune, which of course greatly impacted their net worth.

The couple has a new business venture though that is helping them to rebuild their bank account.

Instagram; pictured above is Jacqueline Laurita with her husband, Chris Laurita, and their family

Their new company is called The Little Kernel, and it is a popcorn company. Cute name, right?

As of now, Jacquline is estimated to be worth $500,000 dollars. That’s really not bad at all after losing basically everything.

Melissa Gorga joined the New Jersey Housewives cast during the third season of the show. When she joined, a majority of her storyline consisted of her battle with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice.

Instagram; pictured above is housewife Melissa Gorga on a high rise balcony

Since then, the two have resolved the family drama between them and are now tighter than ever.

Instagram; pictured above is Melissa smiling for the camera along with her daughter, wearing nearly identical outfits

Melissa never allowed herself to fall into Teresa’s shadow, though. It’s not surprising that she quickly established her own identity on the show.

Between her singing career and new business venture, Melissa has been busy. Much to her husband’s dismay, Melissa opened up her own store called Envy by Melissa Gorga.

Envy does not majorly contribute to her overall $1.5 million dollar net worth, but we’re sure it helps a little!

Most of the money Melissa does have comes from Joe, her husband, who is a successful real estate developer.

Instagram; pictured above is housewife Dolores Cantania wearing a fancy black evening gown while at an event

Now in her second season of the The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Dolores Cantania has become a favorite amongst fans. She tells it like it is, and has no time for women who are going to be catty.

For the most part, if the drama doesn’t involve her she stays right out of it and minds her own business.

Instagram; pictured above is housewife Dolores Cantania hugging one of her rescue dogs

We can’t really blame her for that. Anyway, Dolores is a busy woman. Not only is she a single mother of two, she is also is the mama of four rescue dogs.

She’s quick to tell everyone that her rescue dogs actually rescued her and she’s completely obsessed with them. They’re totally adorable!

Before opening up her two gyms, Powerhouse Fitness Centers, Dolores spent time working as a corrections officer and them changed careers to be a real estate agent.

There is no doubt that she earned every penny of her $3.5 million dollar net worth.

Dina Manzo is the youngest in the Manzo clan. Her and sister, Caroline, were both members of the first two seasons of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Dina then decided to take a break, but then rejoined the wives for only season six. She left the show entirely after that due to relocating to California.

Instagram; Dina smiles big in the above photo

When Dina was on the show she had been recently divorced and was raising her daughter Lexi. Another large part of her storyline became her feud with her sister Caroline.

To this day, Dina and Caroline surprisingly still have not spoken to each other.

Instagram; housewife Dina Manzo is pictured above

Dina still speaks to her other siblings – including Jacquline’s husband Chris Manzo.

Dina runs the nonprofit foundation called Project Ladybug, and this organization helps families with paying medical bills for their children.

She’s constantly working on fundraising ideas. To add to her $4.5 million dollar net worth. Dina also launched a skincare product line called Glow by Dina.

Instagram; pictured above is New Jersey wife Siggy Flicker with her husband, businessman Michael Campanella

This beauty born in Israel joined the New Jersey cast and brought her straightforward and outspoken attitude along with her.

Siggy Flicker is a relationship expert who has made a her fortune through a multitude of ways. Not just through helping pair people up.

Instagram; pictured above Siggy and her husband Michael pose for the camera

Despite being married to Michael Campanella, who is a successful businessman, Siggy has earned her money through her own hard work and determination (you go girl).

This mom of two has amassed her fortune through speaking engagements, TV appearances, and book sales.

She is constantly in high demand and truly loves her job.

People trust Siggy’s advice because she truly practices what she preaches.

This has allowed her to build up a net worth of $5 million dollars, all on her own!

Instagram; pictured above is Caroline Manzo

Caroline Manzo was one of the first and original New Jersey Housewives. She stayed on the show for five seasons until she scored her own spin off show called Manzo’d with Children. 

During her time on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she was more or less the enforcer of the group. She had no time for drama or pettiness, much like some of the other women on this show.

Throughout her time on Bravo, and across both shows, huge moments in Caroline’s life were documented for viewers to tune into.

Instagram; pictured above is Caroline Manzo hugging her husband Albert, who is pretty much the reason for her high net worth

One of these major moments included her daughter’s wedding. Nowadays, Caroline runs a soap company called The Friendly Monkey Soap Company.

However, her $8 million dollar net worth comes mostly from her husband, Albert.

Caroline’s husband of 30 plus years co-owns a place called The Brownstone.

It’s a catering and event space venue that was made famous by appearing on The Sopranos. 

Perhaps one of the most well known members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice, has had a pretty wild past few years. The OG of the New Jersey franchise hasn’t had the easiest time at home or with her finances lately.

Instagram; Teresa Giudice, one of the original cast members of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, poses with her daughter in the above photo

Teresa recently served time behind bars, and that’s not really a secret to anyone in America. This mom of four didn’t let that stint in jail stop her one bit or get her down in the least.

Instagram; Teresa Giudice smiles in the above photo while carrying her daughter on her back

Even though she was arrested due to her husband Joe’s actions, she remained positive and the two are still married to one another. Talk about a strong marriage. If you can survive jail together, you can pretty much survive anything.

Most of Teresa’s wealth does come from her husband, Joe. That being said, she is extremely successful in her own right as well.

She has published multiple cookbooks, and she even opened up a restaurant with her brother Joe Gorga.

Although her family is having a lot of financial trouble at the moment, Teresa’s net worth still ranks high above the other housewives we talked about so far.

Instagram; Teresa Giudice poses in an amazing evening gown in the above photo alongside fellow cast member Dolores Catania

She is worth an estimated $11 million dollars.

Instagram; Teresa Giudice poses in workout clothes in the photo above in front of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

Margaret Josephs joined the The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast in 2017 and she surely made quite the impact on the group of women.

Instagram; housewife Margaret Josephs is pictured above wearing a bright green fur coat and leather leggings

This feisty blonde is not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for what is right. Perhaps that’s what has made her into such a successful businesswoman.

Instagram; Margaret Josephs is pictured in the photo above alongside some of her fellow cast members from the show

Margaret is the creator and founder of Macbeth Collection, a company she launched in 1999 after graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. While there, she studied fashion and marketing.

She has been able to establish an extremely strong net worth for herself from her successful fashion company.

Although her husband works, Margaret is the breadwinner in their family.

Macbeth Collection has had its fair share of controversy though, despite Margaret’ success with it. Vineyard Vines sued Macbeth Collection for trademark infringement on the whale they use. Margaret’s company has been ordered to pay over $300,000 to Vineyard Vines for using pretty much an exact replica of their whale design on cosmetic bags and other things.

Instagram; Margaret Josephs poses for the above photo next to her husband, while wearing a red dress

Margaret’s exact net worth is hard to pinpoint, but it’s a known fact that it is somewhere between $16 million dollars and $30 million dollars.

Instagram; housewife Margaret Josephs poses for the above photo while wearing a sparkly black dress

Before Jennifer Aydin joined the cast of The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast, this mother of five had her very own cooking show! It didn’t really seem to take off though, so we can’t say that contributed to her net worth.

Instagram; housewife Jennifer Aydin wears a lot of amazing jewelry in the photo above

On Twitter, Jennifer calls herself “Just a good ol’ fashioned New Jersey housewife with 5 kids. married to a Plastic Surgeon. Money and beauty? means nothing without family!”

Instagram; Jennifer poses with fellow housewife Teresa Giudice in the photo above

Melissa has referred to her as “new money”, but it doesn’t matter if Jennifer has family money or not (her family is in the jewelry business but it’s not clear if they have money), because the girl is not broke. 

Her home is estimated to be worth about $3.5 million dollars, and Jennifer and her husband pay $52,000 a year in taxes on it.

She also recently boasted about having 16 bathrooms in it on Instagram.

Her husband, Dr. Bill Aydin, is a plastic surgeon who does quite well for himself. It’s definitely not a secret I mean all you have to do is tune into the show to see how luxurious their lives really are!

Instagram; Jennifer is pictured in the above photo with Luann from The Real Housewives Of New York City

Jennifer is worth about $1.5 million dollars, mostly via her husband Bill and his hard work as a surgeon.

Instagram; Jennifer stands next to her husband, plastic surgeon Dr. Bill Aydin in the above photo

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