This Little Girl Turned 10, Then Her Mom Just Let Her Boyfriend Murder Her While She Watched

Victoria Martens was a 10-year-old girl living with her mom in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended fourth grade at Petroglyph Elementary. Purple was her favorite color in the world.

Victoria’s mom, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, didn’t deserve to be her mom. She did disgusting and inexcusable things to the poor little girl. Michelle also had a young son named Matthew.

Victoria had turned 10 on August 22nd, 2016, and the very next day she was brutally murdered.

Facebook; 10-year-old Victoria Martens smiles in the above photo

One of the moms of Victoria’s friends said to KRQE:

“She was just such an amazing girl and I’m so blessed and happy that we got to meet her and got to know her.”

Facebook; Victoria is pictured above with her brother, Matthew

Back in July of 2016, Michelle met her boyfriend Fabian Gonzales on the dating website called Plenty of Fish.

She then invited Fabian to move in with her, Victoria, and her young son in August of 2016.

Michelle left her children home alone with Fabian quite frequently while she went to her job at the local grocery store, although she worked at Walgreen’s right before that.

It’s not clear if Fabian abused Michelle’s son Matthew, but he severely abused Victoria and Michelle knew about it. This disgusting excuse for a mom knew her daughter was being abused by her boyfriend and she allowed it to happen. 

It turns out that she had even seen Fabian abuse Victoria in front of her while she was home, and she did nothing to stop this or stick up for her own child. Eventually, Michelle would stand by and watch as Victoria was murdered in front of her.

Facebook; Victoria smiles wide in the photo above

Fabian was a heavy drug user and he then started inviting his drug using friends over to Michelle’s house while she wasn’t home. He also invited his cousin Jessica Kelly to move into Michelle’s home on August 18th, a few days after she was released from prison.

Fabian also had a felony child abuse charge and misdemeanor abandonment of a child filed against him in previous years. Not someone you want to leave home alone with your children, let alone invite to be around them.

Jason Oetting, the father of Michelle’s son, who was biologically Victoria’s half-brother, made a statement about Michelle via his attorney.

Facebook; Michelle Martens is pictured above laying on a couch and smiling

“She’s never been a monster, she got mixed up with the worst kind of people and that contributed to a downward spiral from what we can tell.”

Jason had even been involved with raising Victoria for a few years. Although Jason maintains Michelle’s innocence, police are saying this mom shows absolutely zero remorse for what happened to her daughter and the role she played in her brutal murder.

His attorney went on to say, “Drug abuse and substance abuse had never been an issue, and Michelle seemed to be a normal person.

Facebook; in the above photo Victoria and her brother Matthew smile away with plates of cookies they decorated themselves

The way the custody schedule was in place, Jason had their son on Tuesday night. It’s by the grace of God he wasn’t with Michelle that night.”

Facebook; Victoria wears a bright pink shirt and smiles in the above photo, her hair in pigtails

On August 23rd, 2016, police were notified of a domestic disturbance.

At 4:30 in the morning, officers got to Michelle’s home.

Michelle was bleeding profusely from a wound on her head when officers entered the home.

Fabian had a black eye and blood all over his shorts that he was wearing. Officers were told that Jessica had just hit Michelle with an iron and that’s why Michelle was in rough shape. 

Facebook; Victoria is pictured above with another huge smile on her face

That hardly explained Fabian though and the blood that was soaking through his clothes. 

What could that have been from?

Facebook; Victoria poses in front of baseball bats outside in the above photo

It’s now known that Michelle’s injuries were caused by her fighting with Fabian right after they both murdered Victoria.

While officers were in the home, Jessica jumped off the balcony and took off. Officers then chased after her and eventually caught her.

As the officers were headed back to the apartment complex where they all lived, they noticed something strange.

There was smoke coming out of the apartment.

When officers investigated the cause of the smoke, they followed it to the bathroom.

There, lay Victoria.

Facebook; Victoria makes a heart with her hands in the photo above

“This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career,” Albuquerque Police Chief Gorden Eden Jr. mentioned in a statement.

“A complete disregard of human life and betrayal by a mother.”

Facebook; monster of a mom Michelle is pictured above with Victoria

According to the criminal complaint, officers discovered in the bathroom a young girl, “rolled partially in a blanket not moving, on fire in the bathtub.”

One of the officers quickly moved to put the fire out, and then checked on Victoria.

She sadly did not have a pulse and was no longer alive.

Facebook; Michelle smiles in the above photo with blue eyeshadow

Disturbingly, the officers noticed that both of Victoria’s arms were missing from her body.

Someone had dismembered her.

Twitter; the community gathers to mourn Victoria in the photo above

Upon further investigation into the home, officers discovered Victoria’s arms.

After they had been cut off of her body, they were placed inside a plastic bag and then a plastic hamper.

The plastic hamper was then left in the living room, which is where officers found it.

The criminal complaint also details that the officers noticed that Victoria had bruises all around their neck.

They quickly suspected she had been strangled to death not long before they got there.

Facebook; Michelle smiles in the photo above wearing a necklace

Fabian said that Jessica had killed Victoria, but of course Jessica denied that and said she had not been involve in the child’s death at all.

All three of the adults were pointing fingers at each other and denying any involvement.

Officers of course took them all into custody and proceeded to question them about what had happened to Victoria.

Metropolitan Detention Center; Michelle’s booking photo is pictured above

Not surprisingly, they all changed the stories they told to authorities several times.

Michelle especially changed her stories frequently. First, she said Jessica attacked her. Then she said she wasn’t sure what happened because she left Fabian home alone with Victoria. She didn’t see or know anything.

Then she stated that Victoria simply died after she took meth that she found in the home.

Eventually, the truth came out, and this is what happened.

The Office of the Medical Examiner performed an autopsy on Victoria and determined her cause of death was strangulation. She lost consciousness, and then sadly passed away.

Twitter; pictured above is a photo saying, “R.I.P. Victoria”

It was also determined that Victoria also had alcohol in her system. She had also been stabbed. Her time of death had been approximately 8 p.m. the evening before officers were called to the home.

Twitter; in the above photos you can see the beautiful memorial paying tribute to Victoria outside her home

Police were able to trick Michelle into thinking that Fabian had already told them the truth, which is how they got it out of Michelle. She finally admitted to everything.

Jessica and Fabian had assaulted and abused Jessica while Michelle watched. They then murdered Victoria.

At one point during questioning, a detective said to Michelle: “This time she died and you weren’t ready for the type of animals (Gonzales and Kelley) were?”

“Yes, but I should have stopped it.” Michelle replied.

Twitter; Fabian, Michelle’s boyfriend, is pictured above

Michelle entered a plea bargain, after admitting she is guilty, which guarantees she will serve between 12 and 15 years in prison for child abuse resulting in death. As for Fabian and Jessica? Their trials are still ongoing.

Facebook; the community mourns Victoria’s brutal murder in the above photo

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