Ashley Rose

Ashley lives in New York City and loves tacos, globe trotting, and long walks with her Chihuahua.

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    How Do You Feel About Saudi Arabia’s Newest Citizen?

    Saudi Arabia has been making some very amazing and interesting advancements lately. In late September, they announced that they are now permitted women to get behind the wheel and start driving cars. This change is taking effect June 2018, and Saudi Arabia has long been seen as oppressing women for having this legal ban on […]

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    Unbelievably Unique, Beautiful Cocktails & How To Make Them!

    I’m always looking for an exciting new cocktail to make for my friends or to serve on girls’ night. I recently discovered the incredible blog called Beautiful Booze, by Natalie Migliarini, and she makes gorgeous and unbelievably unique cocktails that you are going to want to recreate! Read on for some recipes you can easily […]

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    HGTV Accuracies That You Can Relate To

    Who doesn’t love literally every show on HGTV? I’ll bet nobody you actually know. Sorry for not appreciating you in my younger years, HGTV. Now I can’t get enough of you! Read on for some HGTV real talk that I bet you can relate to. Sorry, Brenda We know what’s best for you Brenda. You […]

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    All The Feelings We Have While Watching This Is Us

    Tuesdays are simply better than Fridays, now that we have This Is Us to tune into! We laugh, we cry…ok, we pretty much only cry (and ugly cry at that). Read on for all the feelings we have while watching This Is Us. We know you can relate! Raise Your Hand If You Ugly Cry Too Wendi, we’re […]

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    Haunting Photos You Will Be Thinking About For Weeks

    It’s well known that a picture is worth one thousand words. Given how creepy the photos we have rounded up below are, we think they are worth a thousand nightmares. Please don’t read this list after dark; these images are sure to haunt you in your sleep. Yes, this is truly a wall of severed […]

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    Melania Trump’s Most Stylish Outfits That Will Make You Want To Blow A Hole In Your Wallet

    Michelle Obama left some big heels for Melania Trump to fill in regards to style. Check out the current First Lady’s carefully curated wardrobe below. Her husband sure leaves everything to be desired, but her closet has a lot of desirable outfits! This former model strikes us with sartorial envy. Modern Cardigan I’m sure your Grandma still rocks a […]

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    Things Kim Kardashian Said That Are Pure Gold

    Oh, Kim K. She has said and done things that are crazy, hysterical, face palm worthy, and maybe even borderline relatable? Read on for our roundup of the best things she has ever said; for better or even for worse. Either way, it’s pure entertainment gold. Love her or hate her, at least you’ll get […]

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    Best Reactions To Joe Jonas And Sophie Turner’s Engagement

    Rumors started a year ago that Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were in a relationship, but things just got official because these two are indeed engaged, and Twitter definitely had the best reactions! King Of The North?! If Joe Jonas came to Game of Thrones, we’re not even sure how we would handle this. He sure fits in […]

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    Hilarious Animals Hitching Rides on Roombas

    We know you bought that Roomba for vacuuming, but it has a whole other purpose for these users! Who knew you could clean your house while at the same time providing your pet with hours of endless enjoyment? These animals take riding in style to a whole new level! For our bonus round, we feature […]

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    Heart-melting Animal Videos, in Case You Needed a Cuteness Therapy Session

    Cuteness alert! My favorite part of the internet is by far the abundance of adorable animal videos. Nothing quite brightens your day like animals being tiny, fluffy, sweet, compassionate, curious, or goofy. Prepare to have your heart melted and your browser refresh button at the ready so you can watch these again and again. Bet […]

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    18 Totally Spooky Disney Makeup Masterpieces Just in Time for Halloween

    We love Halloween, but it’s always a struggle trying to put together the best possible costume. Can’t find one this year? You’re not going to need one after you see these! Even Disney needs to bring out the willies on Halloween, and this handful of makeup transformations from some really talented folks does exactly that. […]

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    25 Gifts for The Little Mermaid Lover

    You don’t have to live under the sea to appreciate all of the awesome mermaid gifts the internet has to offer! From mermaid tail blankets to mermaid bath bombs and everything in between, we guarantee we have something in here that you and the fellow Little Mermaid lovers in your life are sure to adore! […]

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    Game of Thrones Gear You Can Wear In The Real World

    Sundays simply haven’t been the same now that season 7 of Game of Thrones has ended. What are we going to do with ourselves while we await season 8? This Game of Thrones gear is a great way to show your excitement! If you’re also still on the hunt for a knockout Halloween costume, you’re […]

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    25 Fan-made Disney Heels Fit for a Ball

    Standard black heels are the go-to for party dress pairing. Wouldn’t it be incredible to switch it up a bit with some Disney Princess-inspired high heels? These party-ready heels are the only ones you will want to leave your house in. The only thing missing is your prince to whisk you away to a ball […]

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    19 Disney Characters as ’90s Pop Stars

    There’s so much to love about the ’90s — especially the pop music us ’90s kids grew up listening to! The late ’90s to the early 2000s were hands down the best years for pop music EVER. Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Hanson; I don’t know about you, but I owned every mixtape and CD of […]