Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    Razer’s Three-Display Laptop Prototype Was Stolen During CES Last Week

    One of the all too many things we didn’t get a chance to see at CES 2017 was Project Valerie, a prototype of what might be the most ambitious gaming laptop yet (Acer may disagree). Razer’s 17″ 4K laptop had two additional 17″ 4K displays hidden behind the main one that could be pulled out to […]

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    TCL Teases a New BlackBerry Smartphone Named Mercury

    Last year, we saw BlackBerry release one last phone, the DTEK50, before announcing that the company would no longer design and manufacture its own hardware, opting to focus on software and security. When the DTEK50 was released, we (along with many others) noticed a striking resemblance to the Alcatel Idol 4 and 4S, a phone […]

  • screenshot_238


    Beauty and the Beast Gets New Trailer and Poster

    If you happen to not care for awards shows, you might have missed the latest trailer for the live-action Beauty and the Beast coming out in March. The 30-second spot debuted during the Golden Globes on Sunday, and it let us hear what Emma Watson’s singing sounds like! She sings some of “Belle (Reprise)” in this trailer, and […]

  • The_Flash_Grant_Gustin_and_Green_Arrow_Stephen_Amell3


    Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Supernatural Are Returning to the CW Next Fall

    Usually we don’t hear about television series getting renewed until later in the year, but the CW doesn’t see much point waiting on its most successful series. Over the weekend, the network announced the renewal of seven series, including all of their DC superhero shows. The CW’s original superhero duo, Arrow and Flash, will get sixth and fourth […]

  • The WB


    The Power of Three Times Two: Charmed is the Latest TV Series to Get a Reboot

    I offer congratulations or apologies, depending on how you feel about reboots. There’s been a whole lot of them recently, and it sounds like things won’t be slowing down in 2017. Charmed, one of the great WB supernatural series of the turn of the millennium along with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and arguably Roswell, is the latest TV series […]

  • toppicks


    The Top Picks of CES 2017

    As is tradition, the tech industry is ringing in the new year in Vegas. CES 2017 is just wrapping up, and we’ve been roaming the booths trying to find the coolest tech coming to store shelves this year and beyond. While this year had a heavy emphasis on smart home devices (Alexa controls your life […]

  • FTW1203

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    Fossil Adding Thinner Hybrid Q Smartwatches This Spring

    Last year, Fossil started adding hybrid smartwatches to their Q line of wearables. Being analog watches with simple, user-friendly smart features, we found them to be much more fashionable and non-intrusive than full-on smartwatches. As much as we liked them, we still found the hybrid smartwatches a bit thicker than we expected — that’s changing in […]

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    The Huawei Mate 9 Goes on Sale in the United States Starting Today

    When Huawei announced the Mate 9 late last year, the company said they’d be bringing the phone to the U.S. market, making the Mate 9 the first premium Huawei phone to make it stateside. After some retailer wrangling, Huawei is finally ready to make good on their promise. The Mate 9 goes on sale starting […]

  • DSC02875


    The HP Envy Curved AiO 34 Exudes Elegance

    Usually when we see all-in-one computers, they have a distinctly computer look to them. Not so with the HP Envy Curved AiO 34, a gorgeous entertainment system of a computer that will most certainly not clash with the decor. In fact, this AiO is precisely for people concerned with having a decor in the first […]

  • Dell Canvas Image_4


    The Dell Canvas is a Giant Touchscreen Workstation For Digital Artists

    We thought the Microsoft Surface Studio was the perfect workstation for digital artists, but Dell is giving us something to think about at CES 2017. The Dell Canvas is not quite the same kind of machine that the Studio is, although there are some striking similarities between the two. The main problem with the Studio […]

  • LG-Smart-Instaview-Refrigerator-01-541x1024


    The LG Smart InstaView is the First Amazon Alexa Refrigerator

    No one ever stays on top for long. Samsung’s being one-upped in the smart refrigerator game by LG, thanks to a new fridge with a bigger display and support for Amazon Alexa. Soon, you’ll be asking Alexa to order groceries for you from the comfort of your kitchen. Who needs to go outside, anyway? The […]

  • TV1


    Sony Might Just Have the OLED TV to Beat at CES 2017

    Ever since Samsung and Sony popped in and out of the United States OLED market a few years ago, LG has gone unchallenged in the world of OLED TVs. That’s changing at CES 2017, as Sony has announced their new line of Bravia OLED TVs. Combining the superior color contrast and spectrum of OLED with […]

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    Lenovo’s Making a VR Headset Designed for Non-gamers

    When Microsoft announced the upcoming Windows 10 Creators update last October, they had quite a bit to say about virtual reality. They announced they were partnering with the usual suspects — HP, Dell, Lenovo, ASUS, and Acer — to create affordable home virtual reality headsets implementing technology from their HoloLens headset. Out of those hardware […]

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    Misfit’s First Smartwatch is the Sleek, Sporty Vapor

    Up until now, Misfit has been known best for the Shine, their simple, fashionable fitness tracker. But, in 2015, Misfit was acquired by Fossil, a company that has always been interested in the smartwatch, in all its forms. At CES today, Fossil and Misfit made the most of both their areas of expertise with the […]

  • IMG_7254


    The Dell XPS 27 is an All-In-One with Seriously Good Speakers

    Dell unveiled a brand new all-in-one PC this morning with the help of The Glitch Mob, in what may have been one of the earliest morning live electronic music performances ever. Band member Josh Mayer played a little bit of “Fortune Days” using the Dell XPS 27 as his musical instrument — he’ll have to get […]

  • IMG_9404


    Dell is Just Showing Off With This 32-Inch 8K Monitor

    At CES 2017 today, Dell had something useful to almost nobody. Their UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 8K Monitor was built just because it was cool and Dell could do it — and hey, isn’t that what CES is all about? 8K resolution — 7680 x 4320 — is far beyond what most people need on a display. There’s even some […]

  • LG-SIGNATURE-OLED-TV-W_11-1024x768


    LG’s Latest OLED TV Might as Well Be Wallpaper

    If there was any doubt about which company was going to rule TVs at CES 2017, it’s gone. LG has announced their 2017 line of TVs, and it’s headlined by the W7 Signature — the flexible OLED panel is so thin (thinner than any smartphone), it can only be mounted (looks more like affixed) to the […]

  • DSC02845


    ZTE’s Crowdsourced Phone Design Will Be Released as the Hawkeye

    Remember that wild-looking winner of ZTE’s crowdsourced CSX project? Well, the final design is a little more subdued, but ZTE is making good on making it a reality. The result of the design process and ZTE’s refinements is called the Hawkeye, and it can be preordered on Kickstarter starting today for $200. We’re a little […]