Chance Kinney

From Modesto, California, Chance received a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from UCLA and a Master's Degree in International Relations from University College Dublin. He loves to travel, and is always looking for interesting people and their stories wherever he goes. He currently lives in San Francisco.

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    The Colorful Ombre Trend Has Come to Starbucks as a Secret Drink

    Ombré — it’s not just for hair! The two-tone look is now coming to your Starbucks drink, thanks to a secret update to the secret menu of Starbucks, which might be less of an official thing and more of a lot of people asking for the same kind of really elaborate drink combinations. SECRET MENU ITEM?? […]

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    Facebook Cuts $200 Off Price of Oculus Rift Bundle Amid Slow Sales

    We don’t know exactly how many units of the Oculus Rift have been shipped or sold, but it’s safe to say Facebook didn’t like the number. This week, the company cut the price of the VR headset and controller bundle by $200 — great news for anyone on the fence about buying one, but it’s never […]

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    San Diego is Investing $30 Million to Become a Smart City

    We’ve been talking a bit about 5G networks lately, especially about how 5G isn’t just about increased network speeds. The new bands being put in use will support the billions of new devices that need to be connected to data networks, particularly cars, drones, and smart home devices. But, to get things like self-driving cars […]

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    Investigation Finds That Subway’s Chicken is Only About Half Chicken

    If you’ve ever gone to Subway and looked with some skepticism at what are purportedly chicken breasts, your raised eyebrows may have been justified. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) launched an investigation into the composition of fast food chicken, and released their findings last week. It was good (or at least decent) news for most […]

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    Elon Musk Plans to Send Two Rich People Around the Moon Next Year

    Elon Musk has had a lot of plans for SpaceX over the years. Some, like landing a rocket vertically so it can be reused, have gone well. Others, like launching a Facebook satellite into orbit, have gone less well. Neither success nor failure has dissuaded Musk from making bold statements about his space company, who […]

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    YouTube TV is a Streaming TV Service with Unlimited Cloud DVR

    YouTube is becoming ThemTube. The video hosting site that first got big featuring random videos from random people is now getting into pay TV thanks to the cord-cutting trend. Announced today, YouTube TV is a streaming television service that will include over 40 channels for $35 per month, plus unlimited cloud DVR. It looks like […]

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    Olay is Bringing Machine Learning to Skin Care

    Mobile World Congress had at least one newcomer at this year’s show — Olay. Yep, every company is a tech company in 2017. The skincare brand made an appearance to show off an update to their smart skincare system, powered by the most advanced machine learning technology available (and selfies). The Olay Skin Advisor has actually […]

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    Best of Mobile World Congress 2017

    Mobile World Congress – it might as well be the official start to the year’s smartphone shopping season. Every year, we see the first salvo of new premium phones that will battle it out for sales supremacy, using the the latest and greatest components. While a certain Samsung phone didn’t make it to the party this […]

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    The Porsche Design Book One is the Sports Car of 2-in-1 Laptops

    All too often when we see luxury design houses get involved with electronics, the result is something subpar on the hardware side — nice brand name and materials, outdated tech. Not so with Porsche Design. Late last year they had a version of the excellent Huawei Mate 9, and at Mobile World Congress 2017 they’re getting […]

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    AT&T Tries to Lure Folks in With New Unlimited Plans – Again

    Just a couple weeks ago, AT&T joined the unlimited data plan fray by making their unlimited data plan available to all new customers — previously, you were required to have DirecTV service, too. But, AT&T is convinced that their acquisition of DirecTV gives them a competitive edge. They’re now using their new video services to entice […]

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    Nokia 3310 is Back and It Still Plays Snake

    As was foretold by prophecy (leak, whatever), the king is returning. The famously indestructible Nokia 3310 is getting a re-release, a fresh new paint job, and preloaded games that, if we’re being real, are still better than the ones preloaded on smartphones today. As you can see, the Nokia 3310 is still not a smartphone. […]

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    How Drones and Smart Devices Are Changing the World

    We’re on the precipice of an exciting era. Smart devices are becoming connected in increasingly meaningful ways, providing businesses and people alike with meaningful data and analysis. Businesses are going to enjoy huge increases to productivity as processes become more efficient, while the everyday person will be able to care for their home more easily […]

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    Samsung and Oculus Introduce a Touch Controller for the Gear VR Headset

    The Samsung Gear VR headset has always been a bit ahead of other mobile VR headsets — created in a partnership with Oculus, it’s one the few headsets that uses a physical connection to the phone, enabling extra controls like a touchpad and buttons. Still, fumbling around for those headset controls wasn’t optimal, so the two […]

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    ZTE Introduces Two Colorful Budget Smartphones to Their Blade V8 Line

    At CES earlier this year, ZTE showed off the Blade V8 Pro, a midrange phone with a handful of premium features, including a dual camera array. At the time, it was the cheapest phone at retail with such a camera system, but it seems like that reign is about to end. At Mobile World Congress […]

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    The Alcatel A5 LED is Your New Go-To Party Smartphone

    As we’ve noted often, it is really, really difficult to make an Android smartphone stand out. Well, to say the least, Alcatel has managed to do so at Mobile World Congress. They’ve just announced the A5 LED, a smartphone with its back covered in flashing LED lights. Might as well be the official smartphones of […]

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    Lenovo Brings 4K Displays to Their Midrange Yoga 2-in-1 Convertibles

    With Lenovo usually saving the big Yoga news for the fall, their midrange stuff usually comes out earlier in the year. This year, they’re revealing their midrange Yoga 2-in-1s at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where they’re also showing off the low-end Miix 320. But, don’t let the mids and lows discourage you — all of […]

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    Lenovo Tab 4 Series Tablets are Great for Kids and the Family

    Last year, Lenovo announced the budget TAB3 tablets, making options for business use and family use. They’re back at it with the Tab 4 series, but the company is taking a different tack this year, doubling down on home use. The TAB3 7 and 8 were pitched as family-friendly options at Mobile World Congress 2016, […]

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    Lenovo Refreshes Their Moto G Midrange Phones, and Big Changes Are in Store

    Lenovo just announced its midrange smartphone plans for Motorola at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and if you’re a fan of their Moto G series, take note — Lenovo is switching things up. Like last year, there will be both G and G Plus models, but the difference is much more stark between the two this […]