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    The HTC EVO Goes 3D This Summer – Hands On

    Finally, Sprint has made some noise in 2011, and they’ve made it in a big way. The HTC EVO 3D is only the second known 3D smartphone ready to hit the markets (along with the LG Thrill, also announced today). The announcement at today’s CTIA Wirelss 2011 trade show showed off the new EVO, which […]

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    MoGo Sound Turns Up the Volume on Your Mobile Devices

    Today, at the CTIA trade show, ID8 Mobile announced the release of what they are calling the most portable Bluetooth speaker on the market in the MoGo Sound. We have every reason to think they’re telling the truth, though. The MoGo Sound is a tad under 8 inches long, about an inch wide, and just […]

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    T-Mobile Ramps Up 4G Efforts for 2011

    T-Mobile USA has been very busy at today’s CTIA trade show, unveiling their robust 4G network plans and the smartphones to back it up. It’s all great news for AT&T, the new proud owner of T-Mobile USA, but from the looks of things, it’s pretty good news for consumers, too.

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    Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 and 10.1 Hands-On Photos

    Today at the CTIA trade show, Samsung unveiled even more of its 2011 tablet plans, but the offerings are a little slim. Fortunately, that’s meant in the best of ways! The two new tablets announced today, the Galaxy Tab 8.9 and Galaxy Tab 10.1 (different from the MWC version), will be the thinnest on the […]

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    Nokia Unveils its Astoundingly Affordable Smartphone – the Nokia Astound

    2011 is starting to look like the year when low-end, affordable smartphones finally start becoming widely available. The next of the bunch is the Nokia Astound, Nokia’s latest Symbian smartphone, coming exclusively to T-Mobile USA (it’s unclear when AT&T, which recently acquired T-Mobile USA, will have access to it). For a discount smartphone, the Astound […]

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    Android App of the Week: Get iHound on the Scent of Your Lost Phone

    Losing a smartphone is never fun, given how much they represent these days. iHound is a subscription-based app service that keeps track of your phone’s location, and sends you emails about your phone’s location, if you lose it. Those emails can be shared from within the app, too, so you can use it like foursquare, […]

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    iPad App of the Week: Get Started with the iPad 2 with AppStart

    AppStart is a handy start-up guide for the iPad and the fresh-out-of-the-gate iPad 2. It can be a godsend for newcomers; outside of a few helpful beginner hints, the app provides essential app lists with the most highly recommended or useful apps in certain categories. There are several app lists, allowing you to tailor your […]

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    Android App of the Week: Hang Ten With the Wave Launcher

    Android phone users can now ride the wave to any of their favorite apps at any time with the Wave Launcher. It’s an action bar that can be accessed from the home screen or within any app, by dragging up the wave from the very bottom of the screen.

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    Google Launches Person Finder for Japan Earthquake

    Google has launched yet another Person Finder database. This time it’s designed to help people locate family and friends who might be missing in the 8.9 magnitude earthquake and series of tsunamis that are currently hitting Japan.

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    iPad App of the Week: Tag Your iPad with Graffiti Spraycan 2

    Get the spirit of urban life on your iPad with the Graffiti Spraycan 2 App for the iPad. The app is essentially a Paint-style app with a focus on graffiti art, giving you unique urban tools like drip paints and spray paints. It also has a wide range of artist fonts, stencils and backgrounds.

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    iPhone App of the Week: Beverly Hills Manners App

    Are you headed to the Oscars this weekend? Perhaps dinning at the Governors Ball afterparty? Then perhaps this app will come in handy as you wine and dine with the rich and famous….Do you pine for the days when good manners were all, and elegance ruled the day? Start laying down the manners law (or […]

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    BlackBerry App of the Week: Travel Easy With the BlackBerry Travel

    If you’re surrounded by a swarm of vicious, constantly biting travel bugs, or you’ve got frequent business abroad, the BlackBerry Travel App promises to make things a little easier on you. It’s an itinerary manager that keeps your trips straight, while allowing you to search for new airfares, hotels and transportation.