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Tiffani is a Californian who travels often and collects hobbies, among which are painting, surfing, learning languages, and touring Asia. Reviews for Chip Chick are a tasty diversion, less motivated by a need for incessant gadgetry, and more by a fascination with the organic nature of the human need to invent and love gadgets.

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    Aerix Vidius HD Live-Streaming Mini-Drone Hands-On

    Earlier this year, we checked out the Aerix Vidius drone, a tiny quadcopter capable of streaming live video. Problem was, the video was limited to 420p. Since then, Aerix has added 720p HD streaming, making their new Aerix Vidius HD drone the world’s smallest live streaming HD drone. But, that’s not all Aerix has added […]

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    Fisher-Price “Think & Learn” Smart Cycle Makes Kids Pedal For Tablet Time

    Fisher-Price’s Think and Learn Smart Cycle is a brilliant way to combat the sedentary behavior of little kids on tablets. It capitalizes on the almost boundless energy of kids and their irresistible desire to be on a tablet all of the time by combing the two activities. The Smart Cycle creates this physical play experience […]

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    Join Stark Academy and Complete Avenger Missions with Ozobot Evo Marvel Skins

    You can now choose from Iron Man, The Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America, or Ultron skins for the Ozobot Evo Robot. Once the skin is attached to the Evo Robot, you can join Stark Academy on the App and complete missions with your in-character Evo Avenger. They take on the personality and behavior of each […]

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    Utopia Diamond Encrusted Headphones Cost More Than a Tesla

    Focal gives a new meaning to high-end headphones with Utopia by Tournaire. Amidst other jaw-dropping features, the headband has a trilogy setting that is made of 18-karat gold encrusted with a whopping 6.5 karats of diamonds, all done by hand. This luxury item can be yours for $120,000. Focal’s Utopia by Tournaire is built off […]

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    Netgear Arlo Baby is a Cute, Smart Baby Monitor with 1080p Streaming

    Netgear’s first ever baby monitor, the Arlo Baby, is absolutely adorable, coming in a bunny character skin that looks like it hopped off a kid’s show. The Arlo Baby Monitor is capable of two-way audio, 1080p streaming, night vision, and can send alerts with the baby’s movement or sound. You can also keep an eye […]

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    Carnival Cruises Has a Wearable That They Want All of Their Guests To Wear

    In a world’s first, Carnival Cruises wants all their guests to use a quarter-sized wearable device called the Ocean Medallion. This disc can be worn as jewelry, a key chain, a clip, or just in a pocket. It will serve as a micro-sized concierge during the Carnival experience coordinating everything from on-demand food and drinks […]

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    Bloomlife is a Wearable Patch That Tracks Pregnancy Contractions

    So you are pregnant and experiencing contractions or about to experience them. You can order a Bloomlife subscription and it will be shipped overnight for next day delivery. A set of patches, each lasting 7 days, along with the Bloomlife sensor shows up at your door and you can immediately start tracking your contractions. Don’t […]

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    K’Track Glucose Is A Glucose Monitor That Doesn’t Make You Bleed to Read

    Diabetics are all too familiar with the prick of a needle on the fingertip, a familiarity that PK Vitality aims to undo with their K’Track Glucose wearable. It is a smartwatch wearable device that uses “Skin Taste” technology to read glucose levels, which is much less creepy than it sounds. The K’Track can take unlimited […]

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    ExoLens Case for iPhone 7 Lets You Use Pro-Level Camera Lenses

    ExoLens has proved to be an interesting solution to iPhone photography logistics with their clip-on high-end photo lenses and iPhone cases. They are improving upon this idea with a case for the iPhone 7 that is a super durable dual-layer case that provides plenty of protection while also opting for camera lens attachments as desired. […]

  • mirabook


    Mirabook Turns Your Smartphone Into a Fully Functional Laptop

    Mirabook is Android and Microsoft Smartphone compatible with the ability to transform a smartphone into a fully functional laptop by plugging into it via a Type-C USB. Let your smartphone recharge while plugged in and access all of your centralized apps and information all with the convenience of a keyboard, touchpad, full HD display, storage, […]

  • LoveBox_HD


    Send Adorable Notes To Your Loved One With Love Box

    Think of the Love Box as a physical manifestation of text messages between loved ones. It is literally a box that is hewn from a piece of wood from the French town of Jura and inlaid with a mirror that has a little screen underneath it that projects messages sent via the Love Box app […]