Zara Stone

Zara hails from the cold city that is London Town, but finds the horrible weather a great excuse to stay in and play on her XBOX. She has been involved in the technology world for many years now, and finds that her day can be easily brightened by a (tastefully) diamante encrusted USB stick or a new Android device. She’s an expert on all types of gadgetry, with a particular penchant for eReaders, compact cameras and PMP’s. She believes the future of technology will be application based, and that social media is going to change the way that businesses behave. You can find her musing about non gadget related goodness on her blog or updating you on her dinner plans via her Twitter feed.

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    Crowdsourcing or Crowdfrauding? The Truth Behind Kickstarter

    Kickstarter was meant to herald the age of a new generation of innovators. Forget about lengthy business plans and battling the banks for high interest loans, Kickstarter could get your project funded and up and running within a matter of weeks-with nobody to pay back at all. A haven for budding entrepreneurs and creative people, […]

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    Is Polaroid the New Kodak?

    Polaroid has a long history of being an innovator in the camera marketplace, and that’s exactly the problem its facing right now- is the brand history? In recent years it has tried to reinvent itself, but after filing for bankruptcy twice in the last decade and a collaboration with Lady Gaga in 2011 that seems […]

  • trek2000 1

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    myCharge Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank Review

    Portable power is a growing concern for people nowadays as cellphone drain battery juice with every swipe of Angry Birds HD. The myCharge Trek 2000 Rechargeable Power Bank stands out in a market full of portable chargers with a square design which has the capability to charge TWO devices at once and has three integrated charging cables. […]

  • screenshot_412


    How Tech Companies Poorly Market to Women: Part 2

    Women make up a large percentage of technology purchases, (and around 70% of all consumer spending) but advertisers seem to have decided to ignore this statistic and continue to create condescending and sexist adverts that suggest we are all Barbie toting pink glitter bombs, waiting to exhale sparkles onto everything we breathe. Sure, there exists […]

  • hate

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    Why I Hate Jellybean (Android 4.1), Also Known as WTF!

    There are certain things one comes to expect from technology; that Apple will always create ultra desirable expensive products, that there is always a new addictive Angry Birds round the corner (Fruit Ninja/ Draw Something) and that updates are going to be good, with a raft of new features and exciting possibilities.

  • screenshot_283


    How to Date a Geek Girl: The Guide

    Last month we shared with you the rather contentious article on how to date a geek guy. I suggested conversation starters, tips on locations as to where a geek man might hang out, and activities to do with the chosen geek once you bagged that date. None of the tips were to be taken too […]

  • hot geek guys


    How to Date a Geek Guy

    Geeks have never been hotter or more in demand, with geek guys commanding a wealth that far surpasses Wall Street bankers, and this richness comes with a 20-30 something age bracket, plus someone who will always be able to fix your TV whenever it breaks. Add to this the possibility of trying the latest Angry […]

  • korea pjoto fun-w800-h838

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    Technology in South Korea: Less of the Nukes, More of the Mental

    South Korea has a bad rap nowadays, and it’s mostly down to the countries aggressive attitude to the rest of the world, and love of nuclear power. Yes, we know they have to deal with the shady North Koreans on the border and the stress of Japan refusing to admit they’re of equal value, but […]

  • app millionaire


    Appillionaires: Who is Making Millions From Their Apps?

    Computer science used to be looked down on by the cool kids as something nerdy- but with Facebook floating on the stock exchange and Instagram being bought for 1 billion dollars , well, look who’s laughing now. In the 21st century it’s quick witted and fast fingered app developers who are really creating all the […]

  • female only facebook


    Female Only Facebook: Do We Need a Girls Only Social Network?

    Facebook has risen in popularity over the last few years and many people wouldn’t be able to function without it, as checking their news feed has become a vital and enjoyable part of their day. It allows you to connect with your friends around the world, check on the news and laugh at photos from […]

  • liquid palisade review

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    Liquid Palisade Review: Nail Polish Gets Geeky

    I’m a big fan of nail polish, but it does have its down sides. Even if you’ve become a whizz at carefully applying it with both hands, there’s often still little bits that cling to the cuticles or need to be tidied up around the sides of your nails. Liquid Palisade is  a clever invention […]

  • mitchell baker mozilla


    Seven Top Ladies In Tech Over 50

    At Chip Chick we like to pay a lot of attention to the up and coming companies in technology, the exciting new startups and the hot new apps on the block. These tend to be the products that get a lot of media buzz and hype, but we think it’s’ also important to pay attention […]

  • women guns


    Gunning for it: Are Women with Guns Fantasy Figures or Empowered?

    It’s hard to know where to start assigning blame for the popularization of women in gun culture. Do we say it’s when Tomb Raider was first launched in 1996 (which then spawned Angelina Jolie in booty shorts clutching two pistols with deadly abandon) or should we move further back in time to Sarah Connor’s kick […]

  • SuperShell and Andrew

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    M-Edge SuperShell Encourages You to Drop your iPad 2

    People tend to be pretty precious around their iPads, cradling them like a newborn child and carefully keeping them snug in a variety of pretty cases. The M-Edge SuperShell Cases changes all this as they actively encourage you to drop, bang and crash your precious iPad into all manner of things. When we gently dropped […]

  • iosafe test


    IoSafe’s Hard Drive Withstands 1 Million Volts From a Tesla Surge Unit

    People fork out loads of money on home insurance to protect their assets, but they often forget to think about the digital assets. You can replace bedding and clothes, but treasured videos and images are harder to get back, and with so many people having large digital libraries you need to start considering how to […]

  • tosy disco 2


    The DiscoRobo from Tosy Hearts Music and Dance

    Not all robots are killer machines sent from the future (but they know who to blame for that marketing) as some are cuddly looking creatures that make your insides melt. Sure, the Tosy DiscoRobo might not really be smiling AT you, but with heart shaped LED eyes and a range of smile features, it sure […]

  • Google Maps floor Plan


    Google Maps Floor Plans Get the Vegas Treatment

    Satnav devices are popular for a reason and many people find that Google Maps is the app they miss most when their cellphone runs out of juice. When attending a conference you sometimes wish they could map out the insides of buildings, as when you’re wandering aimlessly from faceless conference room to a meeting it’s […]

  • Justin Bieber TOSY Robot Unveiling


    Justin Bieber Intros and then Breaks the Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass Robot

    The Tosy mRobo Ultra Bass robot is what Transformers might have been like if the big bad Decepticons never appeared, a quick to transform music machine with some serious dance moves. Think of Bumblebee’s attitude with more sound and you’ll see where we’re coming from. Brand new on the market, the Tosy mRobo Ultra bass […]

  • Twitter Thursdays


    Twitter users drink for free at PBR Rock Bar on Twitter Thursdays

    The Consumer Electronic conference takes place in Las Vegas every January which means hordes of tired and thirsty international bloggers and writers needing places to recuperate. In a clever bid to boost their social media presence,  PBR RockBar and Grill in Planet Hollywood Casino has created Twitter Thursdays, where fellow Tweeps can DRINK FOR FREE. […]

  • acer aconia tab a200


    Acer Iconia Tab A200: Hands On and Full Specs of This $329.99 Tablet

    Earlier this week we gave you a teaser of Acer’s latest Android tablet, and now we’ve been briefed with the full specs of the forthcoming Acer Iconia Tab A200. It comes with Honeycomb pre-installed, but they promise a full update to Ice Cream Sandwich in February, which will make this tasty looking tablet even sweeter. […]

  • Wii U hands

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    Wii U Controller: Hands on with Nintendo’s 2012 Offering

    The Wii U Controller has been hot property for some time in the tech world, with coveted hands playing with it as it gets displayed in trade shows round the world. We saw a preview of this device at E3 and now we got to enjoy some hands on time with this exciting new console/ […]