Zara Stone

Zara hails from the cold city that is London Town, but finds the horrible weather a great excuse to stay in and play on her XBOX. She has been involved in the technology world for many years now, and finds that her day can be easily brightened by a (tastefully) diamante encrusted USB stick or a new Android device. She’s an expert on all types of gadgetry, with a particular penchant for eReaders, compact cameras and PMP’s. She believes the future of technology will be application based, and that social media is going to change the way that businesses behave. You can find her musing about non gadget related goodness on her blog or updating you on her dinner plans via her Twitter feed.

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  • uniq stay


    Uniq Delight with Their Limited Edition iPad and iPhone Designs

    There are so many iPhone and iPad case makers nowadays that it’s hard to stand out from the crowd, but Uniq has managed to do so, and not just because they went a bit haywire with the spelling of their name. The Uniq line is all about quirky individual touches, and they are constantly refreshing […]

  • wine bar


    Sounds like Wine Time with the Bol-Link Portable Speaker

    ‘Music is the wine that fills the cup full of silence,’ Robert Fripp so eloquently said, and Bol-Link seems to agree with this as they’ve produced a wineglass shaped speaker. Referred to as ‘the goblet’ in their catalogue, it features a 3 watt speaker in the base and multiple ports for attaching your MP3 player […]

  • ipad cabin

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    You Will Want to Snuggle and Cuddle the Easycase Teddy Bear for iPad

    Apple fans will understand the huge surges of love we get for our iPads and iPhone devices and now there’s a way you can express this affection with the huggable loveable teddy bear iPad cabin. Designed to both protect and display the iPad, it’s made out of a breathable mesh fabric and is ergonomically designed […]

  • Fisher Price dvr

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    Fisher Price Kid-Tough Portable DVR Can Take a Beating

    Fisher Price truly understands the kids market, and their new portable DVR player fills a gap you didn’t know it had. Designed to be ultra tough, their new portable video player can be dropped, thrown and kicked around, without it affecting playback quality or sound. Available in two rather sexists shades of pink and blue […]

  • Thermador


    Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktoop Brings a SciFi Edge to Cooking

    Warned to stay away from matches and stove-tops as a child, parents will now have to rethink their strictures with the launch of the Thermador Freedom Induction Cooktop. Featuring a massive 48 induction heating elements below the ceramic top (the strange looking cogwheels you see in the image above) the Thermador is designed to allow […]

  • sharp ces 2012

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    SHARP Announces a 80″ Series 8 AQUOS Quattron HDTV for the Home

    Driving a TV onto stage on the top of a car may seem a little over the top, but Sharp felt this was a great way to fully display how impressive their 80″ Series 8 AQUOS model is, and we’re inclined to agree. Despite 80″seeming a little large for the consumer market, we were shown […]

  • wevideo startup debut


    WeVideo Offers in Browser Video Editing: FinalCut for Online Users?

    Video editing used to be a bit of an elite club, with people devoted to one of the big two names in the business- namely Final Cut or Avid. This is what professionals tend to use, with amateurs opting for lower spec programs such as iMovie or Windows Live MovieMaker. These are OK for basic […]

  • ion-guitar


    Ion’s Guitar Apprentice Lets You Gets Hendrix’s Moves via an iPad

      Ion are not shy when it comes to bringing out products which are both educational and entertaining (remember the Piano Apprentice?) though parents will probably place the brand new Guitar Apprentice firmly in the latter. Designed to help you master the guitar, the Guitar Apprentice features a full sized guitar.. with a twist. Rather […]

  • SolarKindle


    SolarKindle cover gives your Kindle 3 months of sun juice

    Reading books on your Kindle is one of the pleasures of the 21st century; but despite the estimated 3 week recharge time, regular readers will find themselves out of juice far quicker. It’s pretty devastating to have a Kindle blank out on you in the middle of a story, so Kindle readers will be excited […]

  • womenintech2011


    The Top 10 Women Who Impacted Technology in 2011

    December is a time for reflection, for celebration and for making and breaking resolutions. It’s also time for us to look back at the last year in technology land and marvel at how far we’ve come. EReaders are now mainstream, we lost a marvelous brain with Steve Jobs passing and we’ve seen Windows 7 offer […]

  • facebook psychology


    Psychology of Facebook: The Facebook Self vs. The Real Self

    The term 7 degrees of separation was once bandied around as a way of showing how most people are 7 connections away from any other person in the world. The advent of Facebook has made this figure shrink to a scary 4 degrees of separation, but is being this connected to people really such a […]

  • high tech prisons


    Technology in Prisons: High Tech Ways to Keep the Bad Guys In

    Shows like CSI and Prison Break let us discover the innovative and interesting ways that bad guys come up with in order to break out of jail, though none (for me) will ever eclipse the wall and spoon story of Morgan Freeman in Shawshank Redemption. As criminals get smarter and tech savvier it’s up to […]

  • screenshot_22

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    How Marketing Tech Towards Women Hasn’t Changed Much in 100 Years

    The slow rise of women’s lib (the term was coined in 1964!) and the extreme patriarchal dominance that overshadows much of the Western world might lead you to believe that women have been a little slow to get involved in the gadget department, but research shows this isn’t exactly the case. In many instances in […]

  • geek-summer-reading

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    Summer Geek Reading for your Kindle (or Reader/Nook/Tablet)

    There’s nothing quite like taking some downtime on your summer holidays to happily catch up on those New York Time bestsellers lists and immerse yourself in fantasy worlds of indescribable adventure and mind boggling science. The advent of eBook technology now means your suitcase can be seriously lighter as you can keep thousands of books […]

  • Clarisonic-pink


    Ten Beauty Gadgets that Actually Work (And a Few That Fail)

    The beauty industry is a huge beast, a multi-billion worldwide industry that relies on the insecurities of men and women to turn a profit. Want to look younger- buy this cream? Want bigger lips? A syringe of Juvederm is your best friend… They sell a ridiculously high amount of beauty gadgets, but you want to […]

  • weiner-twitter-scandal

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    Celebrity Hall of Shame: Celebs Who Got Tripped Up By Technology

    Technology has widened our lives in so many ways, adding a string of unusual words to our vocabulary and, and forcing dictionary makers to shake their heads in woe at the inclusion of terms such as ‘poking’ and W00t!’ to their beloved tomes. Not everyone has the best experience with this centuries newly developed love […]

  • Stephanie-Kwolek-Kevlar

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    Happy Mother’s Day! We Honor 10 Moms in Tech, Medicine and Geekdom

    Mother’s day is a time for celebration and rumination, of paying respectful attention to those that created us and shaped us. It’s a day for people worldwide to take some time out and reflect on all the good things that our mothers have achieved. Though mother’s day is a personal celebration, it’s also a universal […]