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  • exolens-iphone7


    ExoLens Case for iPhone 7 Lets You Use Pro-Level Camera Lenses

    ExoLens has proved to be an interesting solution to iPhone photography logistics with their clip-on high-end photo lenses and iPhone cases. They are improving upon this idea with a case for the iPhone 7 that is a super durable dual-layer case that provides plenty of protection while also opting for camera lens attachments as desired. […]

  • Arlo_Construction


    Netgear Introduces the Arlo Go, an LTE-Connected Outdoor Security Camera

    Last month, Netgear introduced the Arlo Pro, an improved version of their battery-powered wire-free security camera. It was a relatively small upgrade over the Arlo, adding two-way audio and enhancing motion detector performance. Today, Netgear is announcing something a little more different — the Arlo Go, a streaming security camera than can go almost anywhere. The […]

  • IMG_5536


    Sony Announces the RX100 V and a6500, Two New Ultra-Fast Cameras

    Sony’s been doing some impressive things in photography for ages now, but we’ve really been impressed with what they’ve released in the last few years. That continues this week — today, Sony announced the RX100 V and a6500, both of which take jumps forward in shutter speed, enabling some pretty incredible continuous shooting options. The a6500 […]

  • screenshot_48


    Polaroid Snap Touch Adds a Touchscreen to Their Instant Digital Camera

    Polaroid is getting a little more hands-on with digital photography this year. Following in the footsteps of the first generation Polaroid Snap, Snap Touch combines the digital camera and instant printer of the original with a 3.5″ LCD touchscreen for framing shots. It’s instant photography, but a little less instant. The Snap Touch has all the […]

  • download


    SanDisk Shows Off the World’s First 1TB SD Card

    Western Digital has unveiled the world’s first 1TB SDXC card at Photokina 2016. Remember when a 64MB SD card seemed gigantic? Well SanDisk unveiled the world’s first 64MB SD card in 2000. And back at Photokina 2014, they unveiled the 512GB SanDisk Extreme PRO SDXC UHS-I Memory Card. And if you’re wondering why anyone would […]

  • screenshot_38


    The New Hasselblad V1D Concept Camera Is Fully Customizable

    The camera of your dreams just arrived and, no, it is not on a phone. For those of you who still appreciate actual cameras say hello to the V1D concept camera. The 75-megapixel shooter was inspired by the classic Hasselblad V Camera, but this one has a fully-customizable camera body that includes modules on all four sides. […]

  • SEL50M28_A


    Sony’s New Lens is Perfect for Your Up-Close Flower Shots

    Sony’s newest camera lens has its focus on the everyday user. The SEL50M28 is a full-frame 50 mm f/2.8 macro lens that works with any of their E-mount cameras. It promises to be a solid everyday lens, but it sounds like it will really shine when taking up-close shots with a narrow focus. That means […]

  • DSC01578


    Hasselblad X1D is Their First Mirrorless Digital Medium Format Camera (Hands-on)

    Usually when we talk about digital cameras here, the apex is represented by full-frame cameras (mirrorless or otherwise) — they tend to be the high-end cameras from companies like Nikon, Canon, and Sony with huge sensors and powerful image processors that bring semi-professional and even professional performance to the wider market. But, there’s a lot more […]

  • screenshot_661


    The Impossible Project Has Reinvented the Polaroid Camera

    In 2008, the Impossible Project salvaged a Polaroid factory in Germany. Since then, they’ve been working to spruce up and sell old models of Polaroid cameras, including the Sun 600, the Spectra, and the limited edition Barbie model of the 600. But, to now, they’ve only been in the business of reviving old, existing models […]

  • drone_946x432


    Drones Are About To Get A Lot More Useful With LTE

    Right now, most drones we see are souped-up remote control helicopters, ranging from kids’ toys to high-powered hobbyist flyers. But, they could be a whole lot more. The biggest obstacle to maximizing drones’ potential is LTE connectivity, which is a little trickier than connecting devices on the ground. Intel and AT&T were at Mobile World […]

  • IMG_0639_1024x1024


    SqueakNSnap Tricks Your Dog Into Smiling For The Camera

    If you’ve ever gotten a family photo taken by a professional and had an uncooperative toddler in tow, you’ve surely experienced the squeaky toy/cute stuffed animal method of getting kids to make eye contact with the camera, if only for a second. That most advanced of camera technologies is finally trickling down to the rest […]

  • vtech


    A Millennial Mom’s Guide to the Connected Baby Monitor

    Picking the right baby monitor for your family is an important decision. But it’s also one that keeps getting harder with the ever-growing list of options available. It’s time to put new technology to work for you and your baby, which is why VTech introduced the VTech Safe & Sound Digital Audio Baby Monitor with […]