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    Sony RX10 Gets Firmware Update and Price Cut

    Last year, we reviewed the Sony RX10 camera and found that the fixed-lens, pint-sized camera fell a little short for those looking for a high-end camera. As of this week, Sony is trying to make it up to those aficionados with two pieces of good news—a firmware update and a price cut. The firmware update makes […]

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    Simplicam First Home Monitoring System to Feature Face Detection

    The world has yet another home monitoring system. Fortunately, every new camera that comes out seems to be more user-friendly. Simplicam is no different, offering you home monitoring from anywhere, while making sure that the only alerts you receive are the relevant ones. Like other home monitoring cameras like Dropcam, Simplicam is a small camera […]

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    Sony a5100 Finally Replaces the Popular NEX-5T

    It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming, but Sony’s extremely popular NEX-5T series is about to get replaced with the incoming Sony ɑ5100. Like the NEX-5 series that came before it, the a5100 is targeted towards entry-level DSLR/mirrorless camera users who are replacing their cameras, along with step-up users that are upgrading from smartphones […]

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    Kodak 35mm Film Lives to See Another Day in Hollywood

    For many, the difference between film and digital recording isn’t a difference of technology, but one of medium. Movies shot on celluloid film have both tangible and psychological importance to the creators and the movie-watchers, and in the hands of masters, film can still be used to terrific and unique aesthetic effect. That’s why it’s […]

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    Caution: Even Lightning is Sick of Selfies

    Always use caution when taking selfies. Otherwise, you might get struck by lightning. That’s nearly what happened to Luis Morales Fukutake and his girlfriend a couple weeks ago. The couple were on vacation in Akumal, Mexico, when a thunderstorm started rolling in to the area where Fukutake and a few friends were going to go […]

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    Logitech Bemo is a Vine Machine

    Logitech has kind of an odd new entry into the action cam market with Bemo. It’s small, pocket-sized, and incredibly simple to use. Bemo is a small, one-touch video camera that syncs up with an app for recording. The limitations are worth noting with this new camera—you can’t take stills, and the video is recorded […]

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    Polaroid Cube is a Bitesize Action Cam

    Polaroid is nothing if not distinctive. First shown off at CES in January, Polaroid is unveiling the finished version of the Cube, like a miniature GoPro lite, at CE Week in New York. It’s tiny, it’s adorable, and it should be a hit with anyone looking for a lightweight action cam.

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    GoPro Goes Social to Launch its IPO

    GoPro is the latest tech company to get on the IPO gravy train. According to Reuters, GoPro is aiming at a $3 billion valuation, offering 17.8 million shares at between $21 and $24, which could raise as much as $427.2 million. GoPro has made their money from their tiny, wearable cameras that have struck it […]

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    No Long Arms Required for this Selfie Case

    Graduation and prom season is upon us and what better way to preserve the memories than with selfies. The problem is it’s not easy to take a group shot unless you have super long arms or famous selfie-taker Bradley Cooper on hand. There are remote shutters, such as Hisy, which activate the camera shutter on […]

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    Lytro’s New Illum Camera Lets You Refocus After Taking a Shot

    Since 2011, Lytro has been banging the drum for light field camera technology. They’re now ready to release their second camera, and while it might be a little less accessible to the average photographer, it looks like it will do a lot to advance the use of light field technology among artists and other media […]

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    Sony’s A7S Shoots 4K Video in the Dark

    Sony’s powerful A7 series now has a new addition to the family. And, like always with Sony cameras, this newest one isn’t lacking in significance – it’s their first small-bodied, mirrorless, full-frame DSLR camera to pack in 4k video recording. The Sony a7S has a 12.2 MP 35 mm Exmor CMOS sensor paired with a […]

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    Kelly Moore’s Libby is the Hautest DSLR Bag

    Kelly Moore’s Libby is so much more than just a camera bag! Are you looking for a DSLR bag, that doesn’t “look” like a camera bag? Look no further! The Libby from Kelly Moore is just what you’re looking for. The great thing about DSLR bags is that they are designed for photographers to carry cameras, […]

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    Lomography x Zenit New Petzval Art Lens

    Lomography usually lives in their own little arthouse world of fisheye lenses and analog cameras, but they’re stepping out of their comfort zone a little to do something for the DSLR owners out there – a brand new and no less artsy DSLR lens. The New Petzval Art Lens is based on, well, the old […]

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    Piper is an All-in-One Home Monitoring System: Review

    The Piper security system consists of one wide angle HD video camera and sensors. The device is elegant and simple, standing about 6” high on a metal base. My unit is white, though it comes in black as well, and would fit perfectly on a table or counter, or perched on a bookshelf. It has […]