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    Cleverly Designed Lip Gloss Can Be Used in The Dark

    We’re excited about lip gloss today, and it’s not because we’re easily amused. Well, we are easily amused, but that’s not the point — this new lip gloss from Kelly Teegarden Organics is genuinely pretty rad for anyone who has had to live through applying lip gloss blindly late at night. I’m not sure how […]

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    Timex Latest Watch Doubles as a Fitness Tracker and We Approve

    Last year, Timex became one of many traditional watchmakers to jump into wearable technology, releasing the Ironman One GPS+ in partnership with Qualcomm. That watch ended up being a tough sell — it was a standalone device that uploaded data to an app over a 4G connection, meaning it wasn’t a smartphone companion and couldn’t […]

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    Moschino Goes Looney Tunes for Fall/Winter Collection

    Designer Jeremy Scott, the spiritual and literal successor of Franco Moschino, has created a fall/winter line that is the perfect mashup between his own zaniness and the zaniness of the Moschino name — sleek, high-priced garments plastered with enormous Looney Tunes characters donning urban gear and bling. It is, undoubtedly, the most expensive (and maybe […]

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    These Stylish Glasses Actually Fix Colorblindness

    EnChroma is made up of glass scientists who ended up on the Christopher Columbus discovery plan, going towards a specific destination and ending up somewhere else entirely. The research team spent the better part of a decade trying to develop glasses that would protect doctors’ eyes during surgery while heightening the color contrast of internal […]

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    Helix Headphones Think They Are a Bracelet

    Ashley Chloe (noottt Madison) is a stylish new tech company that thinks every gadget should be fashionable — including earphones. We’ve seen our fair share of aspiring fashionable earphones over the past few years, but Ashley Chloe’s Helix earphones take a different approach by using a stylish bracelet to hold the Bluetooth dongle and earbuds, […]

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    Selfie Bra Offers a Convenient Place to Stash Your Selfie Stick

    We can imagine many uses for a connected bra, but Triumph’s Wearable Womanliness-Boosting Bra goes pretty far past our limited imaginations. This whole bra and skirt set is a light and sound show the likes of which we’ve never seen and feel confident saying we’ll never see again. Let’s just dive right in — in […]

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    One of Our Favorite Wearables Just Got a Pink Edition

    When Withings launched the Activité Pop at CES earlier this year, we thought the color options were pretty neutral and understated. It looks like Withings is set to bring a little more pop to the Pop at IFA 2015, introducing a bright coral pink color option for the fitness tracker. The Withings Activité line stands […]

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    Cold Feet? There’s a Connected Insole For That

    Anything and everything can be connected these days — even your insoles. After their CES debut, French company Digitsole showed up at IFA 2015 with a new and improved heated insole that can be controlled from a smartphone app, something that should make winter a lot more tolerable this year. Like so many great gadgets, […]

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    Kidizoom Smartwatch DX is New and Improved for Back to School

    Squeaking in just before the first bell of the school year, the VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX, the company’s second generation smartwatch for kids, hit store shelves in mid-August. The new kids gadget features hardware upgrades across the board and a new design that strives to resemble a more grown-up smartwatch. The Kidizoom Smartwatch DX improves […]

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    5 Smartwatches Coming Soon That You’ll Actually Want

    IFA 2015 is in full swing, and one of the biggest stories here has been the new and improved smartwatches coming out of some of the major players in the market. It’s a big story not necessarily because these devices are compelling — some are, some aren’t — but because we’re getting insight into where […]

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    Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch Hands-on [Video]

    In a fall tech season that has seen a lot of minor tweaks to first generation smartwatches, Samsung is making a bigger departure than most with their Gear S2 lineup. That becomes crystal clear just by looking at the new smartwatch — Samsung has completely abandoned the curved rectangular watch face for a round one […]

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    Moto 360 Gets New Looks for 2015

    We’ve always been big on the idea that wearables can only find mainstream success if they become fashion statements first, gadgets second. Seems like Lenovo and Motorola agree — at Lenovo’s IFA press conference tonight in Berlin, the second generation of the Moto 360 was unveiled. It’s light on hardware upgrades and new features, but […]

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    Android Wearables To Start Playing Nicely With iPhone

    Google dropped a big announcement in wearables on their official blog today — from now on, all smartwatches running Android Wear will work with iOS, making it a little harder for Apple to corner its own wearable market while opening up a whole lot of potential customers to Google’s hardware buddies. As of today, only […]

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    Donde App Redefines How to Search for Your Next Outfit

    Online and mobile shopping for fashion can be downright frustrating: I’m always baffled by the different terms used to organize the same item from site to site, and online shopping tools that just don’t work on a smartphone. I usually work around this online shopping nonsense by searching for a particular brand and model name […]

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    Ralph Lauren’s First Wearable is the PoloTech Smartshirt

    Wearable technology is about to get a lot smarter, with Ralph Lauren’s fitness-oriented PoloTech smartshirts hitting stores on August 27. Unfortunately, ladies who want to give these high-tech shirts a try will either have to make do with men’s sizing, or wait until the company introduces its women’s lineup as the shirt needs to fit […]

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    Melissa McCarthy Can’t Stand the Term “Plus-Size”

    Comedian and movie star Melissa McCarthy has finally put her Fashion Institute of Technology-honed skills to good use by designing a collection of cute yet curves-friendly clothes for Seven7. Designed for girls like herself with a larger silhouette that the fashion industry usually ignore, McCarthy’s line eschews the “plus-size” uniform of ill-fitting, shapeless “muumuus” that […]

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    Speedo Shine is a Wearable for Swimmers

    Swimmers are finally getting some love from fitness trackers: The cute-as-a-button MisFit Shine is teaming up with Speedo to create Speedo Shine, an all-round activity tracker that is customized for serious swimming. After all, “One of the most difficult parts of swimming for fitness is keeping track of laps,” according to brand ambassador and Olympic […]