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    Alpine Over Ear Headphone Review: Music You Can Feel

    Alpine, a well known audio company in the auto industry, has just released a bold-looking pair of over-ear headphones. It’s their very first pair of over-ear headphones! These futuristic headphones sport a one-of-a-kind appearance, and also a one-of-a-kind set of features. There’s a built-in powered amplifier (which is optional for music playing), a bass transducer […]

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    Monster’s Greatest Hits at CES 2015

    Here at CES 2015, Monster had just as strong of a showing as anyone, giving us a look at some great new products they have in store for us this year. With new brand partnerships, new audio products, and the same great sound, it’s looking like a promising 2015 for the audio company, which is […]

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    JBL Harman Headphones World’s First Controlled by Hand Waves

    In an exciting development in headphones, JBL announced at CES the world’s first in-ear Bluetooth headphones with motion sensor control. Now that we are all used to people walking around and seemingly talking to themselves on their phones, why not add in some seemingly crazy hand waving too. We can handle it. The JBL Reflect Response […]

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    Star Wars Characters Headphones, These Are the Droids You Are Looking For

    In a CES booth, far, far away… a Star Wars Headphone collection was announced, featuring headphones designed around the R2-D2, a Tie Fighter, Darth Vader, and Chewbacca. These are just plain awesome. These high-end earphones join their predecessors from last year’s Rebel Alliance, Stormtrooper, Galactic Empire and Boba Fett headphone collection. They come armed with passive […]

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    Monster Unveils Slimmest Wireless Fitness In-Ear Headphones

    Wireless earphones are pretty much universally regarded as awesome when it comes to exercise—no snags, no earphones falling out of your ears, all that good stuff. The one problem is that those wireless earphones require their own battery to operate. Usually, that makes wireless earphones a lot thicker or necessitates the use of a behind-the-ear […]

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    Philips Fidelio NC1 Changes the Game on Noise Canceling Headphones

    Philips is finally joining the active noise cancellation headphone club this year with their Fidelio NC1 headphones. Coming from the Fidelio line, we’re expecting the audio to be solid, but it sounds like Philips’ first crack at ANC is going to be pretty impressive, too. The NC1 headphones use dedicated microphones for their active noise […]

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    ORA-X Smart Glass Makes You Look Like a Super Creep, But in a Good Way?

    Optivent’s ORA-X Smart Glass is a smart glass/wireless audio hybrid, sporting what they call “disruptive” see-through retinal projection technology. Although we are not sure that “disruptive” is a word we want used in the same sentence as the “retinal”. Android only, these offer a wide array of functionality. Right out of the gate, they apologetically […]

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    Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 Wireless Headphones: Review

    Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 Wireless headphones are the first product to be rolled out from the brand post the Apple acquisition. Should You Buy It? If you haven’t purchased the Beats Solo2 wired version yet, then don’t – buy these instead! As much as we are a fan of the wired version of the Solo2 headphones, the […]

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    Creative Aurvana Live 2 Over-Ear Headphone Review

    Everyone looking for over-ear headphones that float around $100: read on! Creative recently released their Aurvana Live 2 over-ear headphones. They feature huge 40mm drivers, inline microphone and controls, all-day comfort, premium sound quality, and a very competitive price tag. The Creative Aurvana Live 2s are great looking headphones. They’re very much on-brand for Creative, […]

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    Intel and SMS Audio Put a Heart Rate Tracker in Your Ear

    Well, this is a first. We’ve seen more heart rate trackers, integrated or otherwise, than we can shake multiple sticks at in 2014, but this is the first time we’ve seen a company stick one in your ear. That’s what SMS Audio (50 Cent’s headphone company) has done with their new BioSport In-Ear Headphones, made […]

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    Jabra Move Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Review

    Bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to bluetooth headphones; Jabra has done an excellent job of proving this to us with their new Jabra Move Wireless On-Ear headphones. We can only assume they’re called the Moves because they’re designed for people on the move. They’re lightweight and durable with a rock and roll attitude. […]

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    Faux Fur Trapper Hat Makes Headphones Winter Ready

    Hot Topic isn’t exactly our first port of call when it comes to buying audio equipment, but we’ll always give a second glance to practical headgear that throws in some cheap audio for good measure. You aren’t going to find Sennheiser quality in the Black Faux Fur Trapper, but then again, Sennheiser doesn’t make anything […]

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    Beats Swings for the Fences With New Solo2 Wireless Headphones

    How do you make your most popular line of headphones even more popular? Making them wireless and selling them during peak holiday shopping season will probably do the trick. Later this month, Beats by Apple (er, Dre) will start selling Solo2 Wireless headphones in stores and on Apple’s online store. These don’t need much introduction. […]

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    Urbanears Teams Up With Marc Jacobs for a Fashionable New Line of Headphones

    Urbanears has teamed up with Marc Jacobs to create a few new fashionable additions to the Humlan line of headphones and Kransen line of earphones. The Urbanears Humlan line is their newest headphone line, which are more sleek and fashion-friendly than Urbanears’ more recognizable Plattan headphones. The Humlan headphones also feature detachable headbands and earcups […]

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    Hello Kitty Gets her Own Beats Headphones

    If this is what happens for Hello Kitty’s 40th anniversary, we can only imagine what’s going to happen when she turns 50. We’ve seen nothing short of a hostile takeover of pop culture this year, with Hello Kitty’s face in so many places we might as well start calling her Big Sister. And now, even […]

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    Use the Ladobi Earphones to Listen to Porn – That’s it!

    Love watching porn, but consistently disappointed by subpar audio and muted voices (and moans)? Wait, really? You are? Um, alright, guess there are some earphones with your name on them, then. The Ladobi Erotic Film Earphones have reportedly been tested and retested with one goal in mind—to make human voices sound as erotic as possible. […]