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    Dell’s Chromebook 13 is Designed for Businesses

    Up until today, Chromebooks have been largely known as cheap, student-friendly notebooks, either for individual students or as mass purchases for classrooms. Dell might change that with the new Chromebook 13, their first premium Chromebook directed at the business world. Dell has taken the familiar Chromebook formula — Chrome OS, mid-tier specs, and solid battery […]

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    Dedicated Cortana Button is Just in Time for Windows 10 Release

    If all goes well for Microsoft, Cortana is going to become much more widely used now that Windows 10 is finally available. Her debut on PCs should open up more interest in Microsoft’s personal assistant, and maybe even in long-struggling Windows phones. That’s what Satechi is banking on, anyway — alongside Windows 10, they’re launching […]

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    4G LTE Surface 3 Gets a Carrier Partner in AT&T

    If you’re looking to get an up-front discount on Microsoft’s tablet-first version of the Surface (which thankfully runs Windows 8.1, abandoning the RT experiment), the 4G LTE version is coming to AT&T and subsidized pricing this month. Come this Friday, July 24, you’ll be able to get the Surface 3 from AT&T in one of […]



    HP’s BANG & OLUFSEN Limited Edition Laptop Screams Luxurious

    The Windows 10 launch is just a little over two weeks away, but HP isn’t quite ready for a refresh of their business-oriented EliteBook Folio 1020 notebook. That said, they will be shipping out those notebooks with Windows 10 instead of Windows 8.1 come July 29, and HP figured they’d spice things up while they […]

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    Office for Mac 2016 is Finally Here! But Only for Office 365 Subscribers

    After five years, Mac users are finally getting a redesigned Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft has shown remarkable commitment to making the new Office redesign available on just about every platform, and now that’s continuing with Office 2016 for Mac. Needless to say, Macs have changed a lot in five years. Microsoft is finally taking advantage […]

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    ideacentre Stick 300 is a Bite-Size PC the Size of a Flash Drive

    Well, considering we’ve had computers in our pockets for the better part of this century, I guess it’s no surprise that pocket-sized desktop computers are now upon us in force. Intel has their own, and now more and more PC manufacturers are getting into the act. Next up is Lenovo, who announced their ideacentre Stick […]

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    Seagate Backup Plus Gets Revamped and Upgraded to 4TB

    Seagate’s line of Backup Plus external hard drives will get some pretty nice extras this year, especially if you like the idea of backing up your data more than once. Starting with this summer’s new lineup, all Backup Plus drives will come with 200 GB of free storage on Microsoft OneDrive and Lyve photo and […]

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    BenQ Shows off 35-inch Curved XR3501 Gaming Monitor

    The official gaming monitor sponsor of Major League Gaming can’t show up to E3 empty-handed, can it? BenQ is at E3 this week with a massive new gaming monitor set to ship sometime this summer. The ultra-wide screen 35″ XR3501 gaming monitor has a 21:9 aspect ratio and a 2,000R curvature that BenQ claims is […]

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    HP Bringing Full 3D Scanning to Sprout

    Late last year, HP launched Sprout, a new kind of desktop computer geared towards media professionals and engineers. Sprout uses an Intel RealSense camera to scan objects placed on a touch mat in front of the display — users can then manipulate what they just scanned using touch controls on the mat. What HP didn’t […]

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    6 Things You Need to Know from Apple WWDC 2015

    Apple’s biggest event of the year is happening this week, and while the Worldwide Developers Conference is far from over, the Tim Cook-led keynote went down today. While this year’s keynote lacked the punch of years past — in fairness, the biggest announcements were developer-oriented — there were plenty of announcements that regular Apple users […]

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    SanDisk Releases Massive 256GB USB 3.0 Key

    If there’s one thing we can rely on COMPUTEX for, it’s something cool in the world of storage. This year at the technology expo in Taipei, SanDisk is making waves with a big number in a small package — a 256 GB USB flash drive, the highest capacity flash drive SanDisk has put out yet. […]

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    Bluelounge’s Portiko is a Clever Extension Cord

    Extension cords!! Get hyped. Are you sufficiently hyped? I hope you are, because the Bluelounge Portiko isn’t just any extension cord, it’s a mini-power strip that can keep your mobile devices charged and your large gadgets running. Almost too intense for this website. In all seriousness, the Portiko is bucking a lot of what we […]

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    HP Elitebook Folio 1020 G1 Review

    When we first unboxed HP’s Elitebook Folio 1020 G1, all we could think was, since when are enterprise-laptops this sexy? Of-course, the 1020’s design is reminiscent of the MacBook Pro, but it’s also a lot thinner and lighter than the Pro, and it really is HP’s answer to the MacBook Air. To that effect, the […]

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    Lenovo ThinkCentre Embraces Chromebox

    Lenovo is following up their Tiny Desktop line of small form factor desktop computers with the ThinkCentre Chromebox, which swaps out Windows for Chrome OS, Google’s lightweight operating system. The Chromebox will be only one liter in volume, and won’t depart too far from the physical design of the Tiny Desktop line. Like those other […]

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    Acer Switch 10 is a Tablet First, Laptop Second

    Acer is adding two more devices to their Aspire Switch 10 line of Windows 8.1 2-in-1s that fall on the tablet side of the fence. Both are 10.1″ tablets with detachable keyboards, with one coming in at a budget price with budget specs. The higher end option is simply called the Switch 10, and runs […]

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    Acer Aspire R 11 is a Budget 2-in-1 Windows Laptop

    Now that the 2-in-1 category has pretty much settled on the 360-degree hinge form factor, we’re seeing loads of lower cost devices hitting the market in time for summer. Next one up is the Acer Aspire R 11, which aims to be the most affordable, albeit not without some sacrifices in the specs department. The […]