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    Nintendo Releases Their Very First Smartphone App

    A move a couple years in the making has finally happened — Nintendo has moved into mobile, and we’re not talking about the 3DS. The video game company’s first app has been released in Japan, and it should come as no surprise that it’s meant to set the foundation for years of Nintendo apps to […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge Hands-On

    Samsung announced their yearly Galaxy S refresh on schedule today at their Unpacked event, held at MWC 2016 in Barcelona. Once again, it’s improvement at the usual steady pace for Samsung — in other words, if you’re looking to upgrade your phone and go (or stay) premium this year, the Galaxy S7 family has to […]

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    The Blade V7 is ZTE’s Affordable Flagship Smartphone

    Following the announcement of a couple of budget phones at CES 2016, ZTE is at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to show off their next tier up for 2016. The Blade V7 and V7 Lite are what the company calls their affordable flagships, matching pretty solid specs at prices well below what the heavy hitters […]

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    Lenovo TAB3 Series Proves Budget Tablets Can Still Be Sweet

    With tablet sales leveling off, creating new budget tablets is becoming increasingly hard to justify. With dozens upon dozens of tablets with similar specs already on the market, throwing another one in can be fruitless without the right angle. Lenovo thinks they have that angle with their new TAB3 series, which provide new family and […]

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    Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus is a Budget Phone That Looks Premium

    Budget and mid-range phones can be pretty awesome products, as long as the company can get that right mix of price and features. The Lenovo VIBE K5 Plus looks like it pulls that trick off pretty well, offering great specs where it counts at an affordable price. The latest in Lenovo’s line of VIBE smartphones […]

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    You Can Now Access Gmail Features Without An @Gmail Address

    It’s tough to get people to switch from one email service to another — getting a new email address might be even more annoying than having to switch phone numbers. So, as proud as the Gmail development team is of their product’s features, it’s to this point been no guarantee that anyone will be convinced […]

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    Huawei Mate 8 Review

    Huawei has made a huge push into the premium smartphone market in recent years, with the Mate S going a long way toward helping the company shed their budget image. But, last year, their in-house chipsets still weren’t matching up with the high prices of their best devices, preventing them from being good value choices […]

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    Trump Dump App Lets You Poop On the Donald

    I think deep down, Donald Trump would have to be pleased with Trump Dump, a game that has been released for iOS and Android. The game really does mirror his candidacy in a poetic way — it’s a low-effort affair made for a short-term cash-in on popular opinion. I’ll just tell myself it was intentional. […]

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    Samsung Galaxy S7 Likely to Be Announced in a Few Weeks

    It’s that time of year again. Mobile World Congress will take place in Barcelona in a few weeks, and when it does, Samsung will almost certainly announce the Galaxy S7 family. Samsung making an MWC Galaxy announcement is as regular as a new iPhone in September, and there’s been plenty of buzz about the new […]

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    Huawei Watch Review

    The Huawei Watch was part of a huge push from Android smartphone manufacturers in 2015 to refine the Android-friendly smartwatch. Unlike many other watches from the past year, which were second generation efforts, the Huawei Watch is Huawei’s first smartwatch. Like similar devices from Asus, LG, and many others, the Huawei Watch runs on Android […]

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    Lenovo Vibe S1 Lite Smartphone Can Take Selfies In The Dark

    Lenovo isn’t as well-known for their smartphones, but they do churn them out, and they’re usually pretty good for selfies. They’re staying on that train at CES 2016 with the Vibe S1 Lite a mid-range smartphone that can take top-tier selfies. The Vibe S1 Lite is the follow-up to the Vibe S1, which Lenovo launched […]

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    Spending Time with the Huawei Nexus 6P

    This post brought to you by Huawei. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Chip Chick. Last week, we took a look at how Huawei is taking their expertise in smartphones from their native China to the United States, spearheaded by the new Nexus 6P made in partnership with Google. This week, we’ve gotten a chance […]

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    Motorola Droid Maxx 2 Review

    At the same time Motorola and Verizon unveiled the Droid Turbo 2 — the high-end phone with ShatterShield technology protecting the display — they showed off the Droid Maxx 2. This time around, the Maxx is being sold as a mid-range Droid that, while lacking that new ShatterShield technology, stays faithful to what’s made the […]

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    One Month With the Moto X Style Pure Edition – Review

    The original Moto X was a pioneer in a world of smartphones that all looked the same. The latest generation continues that trend by offering a plethora of customization options that allow each person to inject their own personality into the look of their smartphone. Heck, you can customize its backside with a choice of […]

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    Verizon is Selling a Kids Tablet with Built-in 4G LTE

    Verizon is doubling down on family-friendly tech this holiday season — on top of the two LG wearable devices for kids they recently announced, the telecom giant will add a new kids tablet called the Ellipsis. While it might not do much different than the many kids tablets we’ve covered, Verizon is hoping that a […]