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    Marshall Monitor Headphones Provide Authentic Custom Sound

    Marshall, the amp giant, is lending its sound know-how to headphones.We can trust they know what they are doing after decades in the hi-fi sound department, they are more trustworthy to make headphones than say, throw a dart random celebrity. The Monitor headphones sport a slender over-ear build to convey excellent noise isolation with massive […]

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    Panasonic Toughpad Can Beat Up Your iPad

    Toughpad tablets by Panasonic are designed for those of us that drop things. You always see these tablets for kids and I always wonder why they think we get any better at how we treat our stuff as adults. Toughpad got the memo and made a tablet that can seriously take a beating. It is […]

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    Dell Latitude 10 Essentials Tablet Keeps IT Happy

    Dell Latitude 10 Essential Configuration is the first full featured enterprise ready Windows 8 tablet, making it a great option for small business or schools. It is positioned to transition easily into existing IT workplaces and even improve IT efficiency. It won’t require any new software licensing, new mobile device management, and it supports new […]

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    Cookoo SmartWatch Is Analog, Digital, and Cute!

    In a unique take on the smartwatch, this watch through AT&T by Cookoo combines the analog movement we all know and love with a connected digital display for constant connection via Bluetooth 4.0 to Smart Ready devices including iOS. Also surprising is that it does not need to be regularly charged due to its self-replaceable […]

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    Olympic Runner Usain Bolt Gets in the Bluetooth Headphone Race

    Olympic gold medal winner and fantastically named, Usain Bolt, has lended his talents to developing customizable in-ear  headphones made just for runners by the so called “World’s Fastest Man.” Aptly named “Run-Free,” these headphones are lightweight, sweat resistant, and durable.  Flexible ear hooks offer comfortable adjustment to all sizes of ear and make for a […]

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    Foreo’s Luna Mini Cleans Skin in All the Right Places

    Luna mini is not only cute, but a new V-Sonic Technology that is patent pending with a silcone brush design that sends up to 14,00 pulsations per minute beneath the skin’s surface, unclogging pores by dislodging dirt, make up, oil, and so forth. All the while feeling like a gentle massage, rather than your pores […]

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    CordCruncher Offers Tangle Free Sound Friendship Bracelet Style

    CordCruncher is a no frills solution to an age old problem- tangled and knotted headphone cords that take forever to unwind. To combat this issue, CordCruncher encases a pair of headphone within an elasticated cord, which retract into a friendship style elasticated bracelet when not in use . The cord is made of latex and […]

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    Hands on with Panasonic’s 20 inch 4K Tablet

    We knew 4K televisions would be a CES 2013 trend, but were not expecting 4K tablets this soon.  Panasonic has just debuted the world’s first 4K tablet with a beautiful 20 inch touchscreen running Windows 8. The Panasonic tablet, boringly dubbed the “20 inch 4K tablet”, is basically everything you can expect from a Windows […]

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    Chips, the Universal Drop-In Helmet Audio System

    Outdoor Technology makes sure you keep your helmet on with a wireless drop-in audio system that is super easy to install and use. It works with all helmets with audio enabled liners. This first of its kind tech solves the obnoxious wire problem that no one wants to deal with when they are geared up. […]

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    Intel Booth Tour at CES 2013

    Tree of Ultrabooks Forget apples, Intel has a tree of Ultrabooks on display. Who wants to go Ultrabook picking?   Multi-Screen TV Intel’s new Xfinity TV home video gateway devices provide home video on demand without set top boxes. These systems are able to stream TV to several devices on a home wi-fi network – […]

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    Hex iPad mini Case and Laptop Shell Casts a Spell On You

    At CES Hex has brought us Axis Folio for iPad mini flaunts a slim, with a fold over flap pocket, elastic strap, and built-in card slots. The camera is of course left open. It is available in Torino red, black leather, pale grey denim with black coasted canvas or charcoal with ivory pinstripe and brown […]

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    Tractive Keeps a Close Eye on Fido

    Tractive is a SIM card tracking device that clips onto your dog’s collar so that you can stalk him when you aren’t home. If it leaves a preprogrammed assigned area, like your back yard, you know where he is by checking the App or website. Since the technology does run on cell towers, a small […]

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    Verizon and Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics Appify Your Car And Driving

    Connectivity is the buzz word this year at CES. Here are two completely different products with one thing very much in common, connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy Camera, Verizon’s first connected camera on their 4G LTE network, where one can wirelessly upload pictures. Taking this idea a step further is Vehicle Diagnositcs by Delphi, that uses […]

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    Yes, Even Tim Tebow Has Signature Headphones Out Now

    It’s going to be hard to contain the snark on this one, but here goes. Tim Tebow hit up CES to debut his limited edition headphone signature series with SOUL Electronics, the SL300, and his new line of athletic headphones Combat+. Tebow even handpicked blue and white as the colors for his signature series. After […]

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    Vizio Announces AMD Powered Windows 8 Tablet

    Not too long ago, Vizio announced their entrance into the PC Market. Now only a number of months later here at CES, they’re showing off their fully capable 1080P 11.6″ Windows 8 tablet, powered by AMD’s brand new mobile processor, the Z60 “Hondo”. What’s nifty about the Vizio Tablet PC is it’s one of the […]

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    Pantone Universe Bookcase for iPhone 5 Keeping It Classy

    This iPhone 5 case comes in two colors, Scarlet Sage and Black Tap Shoe, and is made of high-end Nubeck material making for long term durability. The book style of the Pantone Universe Bookcase by Case Scenario is very comfortable and popular. It provides different viewing angles and allows the user to hold the device […]

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    The King in Your Pocket, Elvis X Mimobot USB Flash Drive

    This cute little Elvis X Mimobot flash drive has two design variants, one with the King in his iconic get-up, and the other of him as a man in uniform. Both come with up to 128Gb of data storage and USB 3.0. Preloaded bonus content includes archival Elvis interviews, photos and more. If you are […]