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    Bikers can Navigate and Share with Bluetooth CycleNav

    Schwinn CycleNav is a bike handle bar mounted navigation unit that pairs with a mobile app to give riders turn by turn audio and visual navigation without distracting from the ride itself. It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth in order to give you visual light indicators and audio commands to get you where you […]

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    Withings Smart Sleep System Makes for a Blissful Night of Sleep

    While sleep monitoring devices abound, the Withings’ Aura really stands out as a unique Smart Sleep System. The sleep sensor slips underneath your mattress. This feeds into the table side device with multi-colored LED dimming lights that utilize a research and data driven use of lighting wavelengths that promote the secretion of Melatonin, that lovely […]

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    The Job Rocker Bluetooth Speaker is Tougher than Nails

    iON’s Job Rocker is a wireless Bluetooth 50-Watt speaker with a hearty rechargeable battery that can handle up to 50 hours of play time and a tough as nails exterior that can handle the grit in a gritty working environment like a construction site. Even without access to outlets, this speaker can go and keep […]

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    Sound Lounge Ottoman Speakers Sit You in the Sound

    Do I listen to it or sit on it? Both! iON’s new Sound Lounge is an Ottoman with built-in speakers and Bluetooth connectivity. It makes smart use of space and sound. This makes a great addition to any living room. Kick up your feet, lay back, and listen. The Ottoman looks like your classic, run […]

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    Hands On: iRobot Scooba 450

    Only a little while ago, iRobot refreshed the iRobot Roomba 800 series. Now it is the Scooba’s time to shine. The Scooba 450 has gotten a complete makeover. From the inside to the outside, the iRobot Scooba 450 is looking to sweep and mop your floor without you breaking a sweat. The Scooba 450 uses […]

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    Protect Your Ears with Tough Sounds Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

    Tough Sounds wireless bluetooth headphones are multi-use with swift deep sounds when on, and incredible noise reduction technology when off, making them a safe haven for your ears. Experience noise reduction of 22 decibels, perfect for loud city streets, subways, or just mowing the lawn. Turn them on an hop through the peaks and crests […]

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    Sony’s QX Lens-Style Cameras Get Much Needed Update

    Sony’s QX10 and QX100 cameras were pretty cool ideas – cameras jammed into a small lens form factor that can be used with smartphones – that didn’t quite have the best of executions. Fortunately, Sony isn’t giving up on them or releasing a couple of new models – they’re going back and improving the originals. […]

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    Wellograph – the Smart Watch that Cares About Your Health

    There’s no doubt that smart watches are trending right now. The new Wellograph is jumping on the bandwagon with a focus on health. The Wellograph watch, which is made of sapphire crystal, stainless steel, and aluminum, is constantly monitoring your activity. It has a built-in 9-axis motion sensor, but takes activity monitoring a step further […]

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    iTOi Booth Turns iPad Into a Teleprompter of Sorts

    The hottest new gadget in Yuppie tech has finally arrived.  The inexplicably massive iTOi is made to facilitate video chat, but at what cost to your desk space and sense of style? The device, which looks like it came out of Fisher-Price’s professional department, is essentially a stand for your iPad. The iTOi, primarily, does […]

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    Kolibree Promises to Outsmart Your Dentist

    Last year at CES, we had the World’s first connected fork, so this year it only makes sense that we’d see the World’s First Connected Electric Toothbrush. At last, a toothbrush that criticizes my brushing technique! Kolibree is a bluetooth toothbrush that syncs with iOS and Android devices and records all of your brushing data. […]

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    TrewGrip Makes You Look Dumber Than Google Glass

    TrewGrip is a (sorta) portable keyboard and air mouse for mobile, tablet, desktops, or smart TVs. This interesting looking handheld device  has a “rear-type” keyboard that uses full sized keys and a full QWERTY layout. Since the QWERTY layout is split and rotated, you’ll have to get used to it, but we’re told after an […]

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    20 Years Ago, Pizza Hut Sold Its First Pizza Online

    This year, we’re celebrating what was apparently the first physical product sold online. What was it? A large pepperoni, mushroom, and extra cheese pizza from Pizza Hut. Who knew? There’s no way to verify that, but that pizza sale went down 20 years ago in 1994, which wasn’t too long after the World Wide Web went […]