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    HTC Desire Eye Review: Selfies go high-res

    Smartphone selfies are fun to take, but they’re lacking in one key area: image quality. You see, while, the rear cameras on smartphones have improved significantly over the years, front-facing cameras haven’t; they’ve been stuck in the 2-megapixel realm for what feels like forever. The HTC Desire Eye changes all that. It’s one of the […]

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    HTC Desire EYE is All About the Selfies [Hands-on]

    Most smartphones get mid- to high-end rear cameras and front cameras that are good enough to be serviceable for video chats. HTC knows better—front cameras aren’t for video chats. They’re for selfies. And so we have the HTC Desire EYE—a smartphone built to help you take the very best pictures of yourself possible. Whereas most […]

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    HTC Takes on Go Pro with RE Camera [Hands-on]

    HTC’s latest smartphones have been all about cameras and the SELFIE, but this time they have actually come out with their own standalone camera that aims to be a Go Pro competitor—and it’s called the RE. The RE sports a minimalist, cylindrical, and very pocketable design that is made to be held and fit naturally […]

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    HTC Desire Coming to Virgin Mobile

    If you like the HTC One line, but don’t care much for the price, good news. The HTC Desire, a mid-range smartphone that has done well abroad, is finally coming to the United States through Virgin Mobile. HTC plans on bringing both the Desire 610 and Desire 816 stateside, although they’ve only provided pricing and […]

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    HTC One M8 – is it a Winner? We Go Hands-on

    Sometimes, it’s all too easy to forget that the smartphone race has more than two horses. HTC is still trying to hang in there with Samsung and Apple, and to their credit, they’ve released some excellent, critically acclaimed phones that just haven’t quite taken off. Last year’s HTC One was a good example of that […]

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    HTC One Gets Supersized as HTC One Max

    Those who like symmetry, rejoice. The gaping hole in the universe where there should be an oversized HTC smartphone has finally been filled, as we approach the harmony of all phone makers doing the same thing all the time. Behold the HTC One Max.

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    HTC 8XT is Sprint’s First Windows Phone 8 Device

    Sprint has been getting a cold shoulder from Windows Phone 8, at least until today. The company is finally offering customers their first Windows Phone 8 device, the HTC 8XT. The HTC 8XT is essentially the same signature device as the original HTC 8X, but it is also the first Windows Phone to offer HTC […]

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    One Month with the HTC One

    The HTC One has been out for a little while now and it has received rave reviews. And now, after having put it to the test for a few weeks, we’re ready to share our thoughts on HTC’s latest flagship device. So it’s time to find out, is the HTC One all it’s cracked up […]

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    HTC First Review – A Phone for Facebook Addicts Only

    HTC First might be its official name, but it is really the “Facebook phone” that we all have been waiting for. An exclusive device on AT&T, HTC First is the first smartphone to come preloaded with Facebook Home. Facebook Home overlays Android with a Facebook centric user experience. Gone are the traditional Android home screens […]

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    Rumor Has it: Facebook HTC Phone Launching Next Week

    The Facebook Phone rumor mill has kicked up once more, and this time the focus is on an upcoming event to be held by Facebook on April 4. The invitation, which says “Come See Our New Home on Android,” is thought by some to indicate that a new phone made in part by Facebook is […]

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    New HTC One Hands-on and First Impressions

    Nearly a week before MWC 2013, HTC has announced their new flagship smartphone. The New HTC One is a successor to the HTC One X that was announced last year at MWC. Under the hood, the new HTC one is packing some very impressive specs with a 1.7 GHz quad-core processor, and a 4.7-inch full […]

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    HTC Droid DNA Review

    HTC’s Droid DNA is the first Android phone on the market to boast a 1080p screen resolution with a pixel density higher than any other phone on the market. You can’t see the pixels on this display if you try. Lately it seems like every new Android smartphone seems to be better than the last. […]

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    HTC Droid DNA for Verizon Hands-On

    HTC and Verizon have just announced a new Droid, the Droid DNA. The Droid DNA packs in a massive 5″ display that might actually be the world’s best smartphone display. That is because the display packs in 440 ppi and it is capable of playing full 1080p video. It also boasts wide viewing angles, rich […]