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Looking for the perfect iPhone 5 case to protect your new phone? Check out our reviews below for all kinds of iPhone 5 cases, coming from manufacturers like Speck, Incipio, Belkin, iSkin, Incipio and more. We put the newest iPhone 5 cases to the test and highlight their best and worst qualities.

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    Incipio DualPro CF for iPhone 5 Review

    Four months after reviewing the Incipio DualPro (our first iPhone 5 case review!), we’re reviewing it’s even more attractive brother. The DualPro CF for iPhone 5 is elegantly dressed in carbon fiber. It still features the super protective and durable body with a perfectly snug fit for iPhone. The Incipio DualPro CF is an extra […]

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    Case-Mate IMakeMyCase for iPhone 5 Review

    Personalize your life. Don’t settle for an iPhone case that isn’t a true representation of your unique personality and superb sense of style. With IMakeMyCase, Case-Mate gives you the power to make your very own personalized high quality iPhone case that’s covered in any design or photograph you can imagine. There’s no limit to the […]

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    Trina Turk Collection from M-Edge Has a Case For Every Woman [Review]

    Trina Turk is the latest fashion designer to enter the world of gadget accessories. She has partnered with M-Edge to produce a series of iPad, Kindle, iPhone and Laptop sleeves. The collection includes chic, yet sophisticated colorful patterns that will appeal to a wide range of women. MacBook Pro Sleeves Perhaps our favorite part of […]

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    TYLT Two-in-One Bumpr Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Do you buy a case for iPhone that’s sleek and practical, or do you buy one that’s rugged with above-average protection? With the Tylt Bumpr you get both options! It’s a thing of beauty really. The Tylt Bumpr is two cases in one. There’s a one-piece snap-on case that’s very durable and rugged with a […]

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    CalypsoKey Brings NFC to the iPhone 5, as a Case

    If you were thinking about springing for a luxury iPhone case, you might do well to consider Calypso Crystal, which has a new addition to their line of cases called CalypsoKey. CalypsoKey can be added to any model of Calypso Crystal’s three lines of cases – CalypsoRing, CalypsoLoop, and CalypsoCabrio. CalypsoKey is equipped with RFID […]

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    AnyMode Jelly Bumper for iPhone 5 Review

    The AnyMode Jelly Bumper for iPhone 5 has an identify crisis, but we love it! From the front and sides, the case attractively disguises iPhone as some sort of new-aged square cellphone, but on the back the Jelly Bumper proudly shows off iPhone’s apple and most of the rear faceplate. Is this AnyModes way of […]

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    The Incipio Stowaway Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Who doesn’t love secret compartments and hidden features? The Incipio Stowaway Case for iPhone 5 has both. The case discreetly stores and hides cards and cash, plus it has a built-in stand great for watching movies. The greatest feature of the Stowaway case is that it looks like a regular iPhone case. In fact, it […]

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    Crimson’s Aluminum iPhone 5 Case Review

    Looky here! An aircraft-grade aluminum iPhone case that won’t set you back hundreds of dollars. With the Crimson Aluminum Case you can elegantly lock your iPhone 5 in a piece of high-quality machinery that’s super simple, beautifully industrial, and thankfully affordable. The Crimson Aluminum Case is very simple in design, it’s two nearly identical frames […]

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    ElementCase Sector 5 Black Ops Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Lucky for us, you don’t actually have to be a black ops agent or a special double-O-agent to own one of these bad boys. We present to you the most covert, the stealthiest, and dare we say it, the most badda$$ iPhone 5 case this world has ever seen: ElementCase’s Limited Edition Sector 5 Black […]

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    id America Cushi Plus for iPhone 5 Review

    If you ask me, this is the way to go for iPhone 5 protection and personalization. Two words: Cushi Plus. It’s a package of your favorite color Cushi Band Bumper, your favorite artistic cushiony 3D back skin, matching partial cushions for the front, and a front screen protector. It’s all-around protection in an outstandingly light, […]

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    M-Edge Alter Ego Glow-in-the-Dark iPhone 5 Case

    Shine on you crazy iPhone! The new glow-in-the-dark M-Edge Alter Ego Skin is an affordable solution to providing your iPhone 5 attractive protection. The M-Edge Alter Ego Skin for iPhone 5 is available in a number of colors, but most notably in glow-in-the-dark lime or glow-in-the-dark sherbet (orange). Never again do you have to fumble […]

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    Kavaj Dallas Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Since when did full protection look so good?! This is the first iPhone 5 case with a built-in cover we’ve actually been excited about. The Kavaj Dallas is a super sleek authentic leather case that looks great, feels great, and has outstanding usability. The Kavaj Dallas case is much like an iPad portfolio case. iPhone […]

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    GGMM Timberland Wood iPhone 5 Case Review

    They make the iPhone in wood now?! Nope! This is Timberland Sapele Wood case by GGMM for iPhone 5. It’s the easiest and lightest way to make iPhone become one with nature. We were instantly enthralled with the GGMM Timberland Wooden iPhone case when we saw it on display at CES. So much so, that […]

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    SwitchEasy Bonds Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Oh SwitchEasy, you surely know the way to our hearts! Beautifully designed iPhone 5 cases, of course. Their Bonds case for iPhone 5 is a work of art hidden in a case. Bonds has an especially neat quilted-like (or cushion-like) appearance, with a unique design, quality protection, and some fun extras. The SwitchEasy Bonds case […]

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    SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 Review

    The SwitchEasy Tones Case for iPhone 5 is a stylish case with a clean look and unique design that compliments iPhone’s two-tone aesthetic. The Tones case is duo-material even though its just a one-piece case. Other than the suave design available in a variety of colors, Tones is quite protective and includes some great extras. […]

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    Tylt SQRD Case for iPhone 5 Review

    Not too long ago the company Tylt came out of the woodwork with some creative cables and cords. This year they’re releasing a whole lineup of really nifty iPhone 5 cases. The first we’re reviewing is the SQRD (pronounced ‘squared’), which awesomely morphs iPhone into a new form factor reminiscent of the Nokia Lumia or […]

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    TATS CRU is Back at it for Cygnett Cases at CES 2013

    TATS CRU, the Mural Kings and internationally renowned graffiti artists, have recently teamed up with Cygnett to produce one of the best iPhone 5 cases around. Here at CES, Cygnett has not only showed off their second TATS CRU Icon Series case, but they flew the group out to customize cases right here on the CES […]

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    GelaSkins HardCase for iPhone 5 Review

    GelaSkins has been leading the gadget skin market for some time now, the company offers a vast selection of high quality skins for your cases with artwork from a curated selection of arts. But it’s not just skins that GelaSkins makes – they also make cases. Their latest is the HardCase for iPhone 5.  like […]