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  • Netbook Mate Turns Your Netbook into a Laptop – Sorta

    So we all love our Netbooks, but sometimes we do miss the optical drive and ports that were removed to make the Netbook compact and weigh less. That’s where the Netbook Mate comes in handy. It features a slide in/out 2.5″ removable drive, a DVD-RW optical drive, two built-in USB ports and a cooling fan. […]

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    CES 2010: New HP Mini 210 and HP Mini 2102 Netbooks

    The HP Mini 210 and HP Mini 2102 are not major overhauls of HP’s previous Mini series of notebooks, but this round of updates sport some nice refinements. Both systems weigh 2.69lbs, are less than one inch thin with unto 10 hours of battery life, they sport a 10.1″ LED screen, a 93 percent full […]

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    Chie Netbook Makes Debut in U.K. As Cheapest Netbook Yet

    The Chie Netbook has made its debut in the U.K. after being the best selling and cheapest netbook in Asia. Retailing for £99 ($142.70 USD) its even cheap in comparison to the $199 Fidelity Netbook we wrote about last year. Currently available for pre-order, it will officially launch in the U.K. on January 23rd. The […]

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    Vivienne Tam and HP Unveil New Digital Clutch at Fashion Week

    Tonight at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Bryant Park, Vivienne Tam unveiled her new digital clutch on the catwalk. Once again Vivienne has collaborated with HP to produce a netbook that is the true essence of fashion meeting technology. The new Digital Clutch is covered in a vivid champagne gold  with butterflies adorning its […]

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    New Vivienne Tam Digital Clutch To Be Revealed Soon

    Hot on the heels of the success of our favorite netbook, the Vivienne Tam Digital Clutch, Vivenne Tam and HP have announced that a new digital clutch is about to strut its way down the runway. This Saturday, the next digital clutch will be revealed on the catwalk at New York’s Fashion Week. The design […]

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    HP Pavilion dv2 Review

    I’ve been eyeing the HP Pavilion dv2 ever since it was announced at CES. Mostly because of its good looks and near netbook-like pricing. Also, it seemed like the dv2 could be the best of both worlds – an affordable ultraportable that is almost as convenient to carry around as a netbook, but with the […]

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    Hands on With Disney’s Netpal Netbook for Little Princesses

    The Disney Netpal is a collaboration between Asus and Disney to bring you the Eeepc netbook, but reimagined especially for kids. The netbook is branded with the Eeepc logo but painted over with pink swirls, so that it’s perfect for any little budding princess. It also has a webcam in the shape of Mickey Mouse. […]

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    Toshiba’s NB205 Pink Netbook Promises a 9 Hour Battery Life

    While the netbook space is getting really, really crowded, there still aren’t all that many many pink ones. Ok, so HP and LG have one, but that isn’t that many. Toshiba’s mini NB205-N310 is the latest netbook to get its pink on, metallic pink to be specific – with a textured finish and a chrome […]

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    Kensington Netbook Collection Review

    Netbooks are all we see and hear about these days. So it’s only appropriate for accessories to come out made specifically for them. Kensington has launched the Netbook Collection which features accessories for any netbook that are both practical in price and in size. Wired Mouse for Netbooks This is a cute little mouse that […]

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    Averatec All-in-one D1100 Series (Atom) Review

    It seems like every PC manufacturer and their monkey’s uncle is making a netbook nowadays, but netbook desktops – or rather PCs powered by netbook processors are just starting to make their way in to the retail space. The attractive Averatec D1130EA1E-1 was the first all-in-one netbook/ desktop to make it on to U.S. shores. […]

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    Vivienne Tam’s Fall 2009 Collection Preview – Updated

    We might not be a fashion blog, but we enjoyed attending Vivienne Tam’s (Fashion Week) Fall 2009 Collection Preview tonight in New York. So what was Chip Chick doing at a fashion show you ask? HP brought together a group of women bloggers (and some guys too!) to come and experience Vivienne’s signature style in […]