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    4K Ultra HD Content Lands at Amazon Prime Instant Video

    Amazon announced today that they’re rolling out the first 4K content to hit their streaming service, Amazon Prime Instant Video. In addition to TV shows, including the whole slate of Amazon Original Series, a short list of movies from Sony Pictures Entertainment will also be available for streaming—just don’t get your hopes up about watching […]

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    Sony a7II First Impressions + Sample Photos

    Sony took the camera world by storm last year with the full-frame a7. While DSLR elephants like Canon and Nikon were busy cranking out incremental updates to their mirrored cameras, Sony decided to trot down the mirrorless road. The bet paid off handsomely. The a7 and its a7R and a7S siblings have received tons of […]

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    Sony Xperia Z3v Comes to Verizon With Wireless Charging

    Sony’s newest flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z3, is getting a special version unique to Verizon, and it’s coming this month. The difference between the Xperia Z3v and the regular Z3 isn’t just the difference between CDMA and GSM, though—the Verizon version of the phone is also getting wireless charging. The Xperia Z3, which we learned […]

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    Sony Action Cam Shrinks to Bite-Sized Mini HDR-AZ1

    The Sony Action Cam is getting small. Like, really small. Once you get this thing mounted, you really will forget it’s there. The Sony Action Cam Mini is debuting at IFA this week, and it’s going to definitely attract some interest among the extreme sports crowd. The Mini is 30 percent smaller than other Action […]

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    Sony Xperia Z3 Packs in PS4 Remote Play, 12800 ISO

    The Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone came out this past April. Clearly, that means a new model is in order. Sony seems to be antsy this year, releasing their Z3 line of mobile devices in the same calendar year they released their Z2 devices. The Sony Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact smartphones will indeed drop within […]

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    Sony a5100 Finally Replaces the Popular NEX-5T

    It’s not like we didn’t know it was coming, but Sony’s extremely popular NEX-5T series is about to get replaced with the incoming Sony ɑ5100. Like the NEX-5 series that came before it, the a5100 is targeted towards entry-level DSLR/mirrorless camera users who are replacing their cameras, along with step-up users that are upgrading from smartphones […]

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    Sony’s A7S Shoots 4K Video in the Dark

    Sony’s powerful A7 series now has a new addition to the family. And, like always with Sony cameras, this newest one isn’t lacking in significance – it’s their first small-bodied, mirrorless, full-frame DSLR camera to pack in 4k video recording. The Sony a7S has a 12.2 MP 35 mm Exmor CMOS sensor paired with a […]

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    Hands-on with the Sony Alpha a6000

    Sony is stepping up their camera game once again today, announcing the A6000, which is set to replace the very popular NEX-6. The Alpha A6000 is a compact, lightweight, interchangeable lens camera that features some serious improvements over its predecessor. Once again, it’s a compact camera that seriously rivals larger DSLRs in quality and capabilities. […]

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    Hands on Video: The Sony Tennis Racket is an Ace

    For a long time, an advanced tennis racket was just one made of titanium with one of those little shock absorbers slipped onto the bottom. That changes after this year’s CES, where Sony has revealed their smart tennis racket. It’s basically a tennis racket – that part, you don’t change much. At the bottom of […]

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    Hands on with Sony’s Flagship 85″ Sony 4K TV

    CES 2013 saw the introduction of 4K televisions, with prices as massive as sizes. But, what was still a bit of a high-priced novelty last year has become more grounded in reality during CES 2014. This looks like it will be the year where 4K television hits the mainstream, with more than a few companies […]

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    Sony’s QX Lens-Style Cameras Get Much Needed Update

    Sony’s QX10 and QX100 cameras were pretty cool ideas – cameras jammed into a small lens form factor that can be used with smartphones – that didn’t quite have the best of executions. Fortunately, Sony isn’t giving up on them or releasing a couple of new models – they’re going back and improving the originals. […]

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    Sony Portable Wireless Server Backs Up and Charges Your Phone

    Sony is jumping into the portable media device game with their Personal Content Station and Portable Wireless Server, a couple of wireless, on-the-go storage devices that can handle streaming to tablets, smartphones, and the like. The Personal Content Station is made with cameras in mind, and is trying to be the ultimate destination for all […]

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    Sony A7 and A7r First Impressions + Sample Photos

    Sony’s recently announced A7 and A7r are the worlds smallest compact full frame cameras. To that effect, these cameras offer most of the comforts of a high-end DSLR, but in the lightweight body of a mirror-less interchangeable-lens camera. It’s because of this marriage between full frame and mirror-less that Sony Electronics’ president and COO, Phil […]