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    Hands-on with the Sonos SUB Compact Subwoofer

    Sonos just took their devices as well as their customers to the next level with the new Sonos SUB. The Sonos SUB is a very originally designed subwoofer that is designed to work in tandem with all amplified Sonos players. But unlike most subwoofers, not only is the SUB designed to be relatively compact, it’s […]

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    Spotify is Spot on With SpotON Radio

    SpotON Radio is one of many apps hopping on the Spotify bandwagon. Few other apps make finding new music as easy as SpotON does, which keeps things simple and direct, limiting options and control in favor of a streamlined interface that delivers new content to users without much effort being required on the part of the users.

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    Spotify Apps Just Made Spotify One Step Closer to Crack

    The world needed another app development program like a hole in the head, but Spotify’s announcement that they are adding apps to their service actually makes a lot of sense. Spotify made their Spotify Platform announcement yesterday at their first ever serious press conference in New York City. But first, they started off by talking […]

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    Rdio Announces Free Access, No Ads Plan

    Lets face it, when Spotify launched in the U.S. this summer, it really took Rdio out of the spotlight. But now Rdio is fighting back with a new free Access subscription plan. The on-demand music discovery service plans on offering free access to its music catalog – without advertising. That means users will get free […]

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    Sonos PLAY:3 Review

    When it comes to making Wireless HiFi Systems, Sonos has been leading the pack for years. Their latest system, the Sono PLAY:3 offers the same great Sonos package users have come to expect, in a more compact and affordable form-factor than its bigger brother, the PLAY:5. Available in dark gray, or white, the PLAY:3 system […]

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    Hands-on With the Sonos Play:3 All-in-One Wireless Speaker

    Sonos has announced the latest member of their family, the Sonos Play:3 All-in-One Wireless Speaker – and it’s the smallest Sonos product yet. It’s also the most affordable Sonos  ever. This latest Sonos speaker is perfect for cramped spaces yet it manages to provide incredibly powerful sound.  We got to listen to the Sonos in […]

  • Get Your Free Spotify Invite Code Here!

    We’ve been using Spotify for several days now, and we have become quite taken with it. It’s a super time-waster, that is borderline addictive. And now we have 25 invite codes 75 more codes to give away for Spotify Free. That’s right! We had such an outstanding response to this giveaway – we begged and […]

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    Slacker Premium Radio Beats Spotify to the Punch in the U.S.

    Pandora is about to start eating Slacker’s dust now that the popular online radio service has launched Slacker Premium Radio. Slacker Premium Radio offers on-demand, all-you-can-eat access to Slacker’s entire music library. For $9.99 a month, users will be able to get instant access to songs, albums, top charts, station playlists, and single-artist radio stations. […]