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    Barbie’s DreamHorse Trots and Responds to Petting

    Barbie isn’t the only one getting a tech boost at Toy Fair this year. Her horse companion is getting way more advanced this year, with new touch sensitivity that makes the horse react to petting and brushing. A couple years ago, Barbie got in the saddle with the Barbie Saddle ‘N Ride Horse & Doll. […]

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    You’ve Never Seen a Decepticon This Big Before

    Hasbro is delivering on a two-year promise to collectors at Toy Fair this weekend, and they’re doing it in the biggest way possible. For the first time since the original toy was released in the ’80s, Trypticon is coming, and Hasbro says he’s the biggest Decepticon model they’ve ever made. The story behind this toy […]

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    Hologram Barbie is Cooler than Siri and Alexa Combined

    Barbie has not been messing around during Toy Fair lately. A couple years ago, Mattel showed off the Hello Barbie doll, which had natural voice recognition, and last year Barbie got her own voice-activated smart house. She’s no less tech savvy this year — she’s now going holographic. Hologram Barbie isn’t actually a doll — the toy itself […]

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    Dancing Beauty and the Beast Belle Doll Teaches Kids How to Code

    In the upcoming live-action Beauty and the Beast (you may have heard of it), one major change is that Belle is the inventor in the family instead of her father. Hasbro must have taken some inspiration from that, because their new Belle doll is pretty into hard sciences herself. The company is introducing the Dance Code […]

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    American Girl’s Latest Doll is Logan, Their First Boy Doll

    American Girl is best known for their girl of the year dolls, but they’ve always got at least a few new dolls they release every year to give their stars some company. This year, that company includes a first for American Girl — an American boy. Logan Everett will be available soon, along with his bandmate […]

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    FurReal Friends Torch Review

    We all had stuffed animals when we were young, but it’s the 21st century, and our kids expect more from their stuffies than just being soft and cuddly. FurReal Friends add a little life to your child’s playtime — they respond to your child with endearing lights, sounds, and motions. Torch is no exception. You may be […]

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    A Barbie Movie Starring Amy Schumer is Coming in 2018

    Until now, Barbie’s film history has been limited to direct-to-DVD animated movies, but that’s going to change in a couple years. Deadline is reporting that Sony Pictures, which had previously purchased a Barbie script, has managed to get Amy Schumer to get on board to rewrite the script and star. Schumer is better known for more adult […]

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    Holiday Gift Guide: For Kids

    The kids — it’s where the holidays are won or lost. We’re going to help make sure you don’t do the latter with a over a dozen gift suggestions that are sure to please the little ones. And yeah, we know, most of them have probably already submitted their wish lists in triplicate, but a little […]

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    Plus-Size Supermodel Ashley Graham Gets Her Own Proportional Barbie Doll

    Barbie’s gone through a lot of changes the past few years. Faced with mounting criticism of the doll’s unrealistic proportions and narrow appeal, Mattel introduced Barbie dolls of various body types and skin tones. The message was that Barbie is becoming a doll for every girl — the company took pains to note that all the […]

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    Loot Crate October 2016 Review and Coupon Code

    Just in time for Halloween, October’s Loot Crate had our spines tingling with a crate full of frightening icons representing a HORROR theme. They’re coming to get you… Exclusive The Walking Dead Negan Sluggers T-Shirt – This T-shirt features AMC’s The Walking Dead. Season 7 returns October 23 to our delight! Exclusive Leatherface Phunny Plush – We […]

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    Play-Doh is Going Digital With the Help of Apple

    We’ve seen our fair share of toys making the jump to apps over the years, enough to make the idea the norm instead of the exception. But today, we’re talking Play-Doh, and the new app and playset they’ve made is so interesting that Apple has decided to sell it in their retail stores. I’m pretty […]

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    This LEGO Getaway Racer is Ready to Race onto (and Across) Your Desk

    We’re loving all the showpiece Lego cars we’ve been seeing lately, but sometimes, we like a more technical challenge. Good thing Lego has a whole line of sets for that! The more complex Lego Technic line is no stranger to cars, putting out some fun builds like the Porsche 911. Their latest, appropriately, is a […]