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    Did This Week’s Pokémon Go News Really Send Nintendo’s Stock Tumbling?

    The Pokémon Go story keeps getting stranger. This week, it’s been widely reported that Nintendo’s stock has plummeted since they discussed in a call with investors that Nintendo does not make or have full ownership of the massively popular mobile game. The stock did indeed plummet (although not even close to below where it was before Pokémon Go was […]

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    Necropolis Review (PC/Steam)

    Necropolis is a new third-person roguelike game by Harebrained Schemes. The game has some of the usual elements of roguelike gameplay like procedurally generated levels and perma-death, but throws those elements into a 3D hack-and-slash environment. Throw in some attempts at humor (another roguelike staple), and you’ve got a solid formula, right? Well, the formula is solid, […]

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    ThinkGeek’s Fallout Pip-Boy Replica is a Deluxe Bluetooth Edition

    When Fallout 4 came out last year, there was a promotion involving a limited edition Pip-Boy — the wrist-worn device used by vault dwellers and the player character in the Fallout series — with a slot for a smartphone. They were gone, fast. If you didn’t get your hands on one, good news. ThinkGeek has made their own, and while […]

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    10 Ways Pokémon Go is Taking Over the World

    Well, that went from 0 to 151 real fast. Pokémon Go was released (more like unleashed) onto the iTunes App Store and Google Play on July 6, but with how many people are playing, you’d think it had been a lot longer — the point of the game is to catch all 151 original Pokémon (heaven help us if they […]

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    T-Mobile Gives Customers Free Pokémon Go Data for a Whole Year

    They can’t do much about what Pokémon Go does to your phone’s battery life, but they can at least make sure it doesn’t run through your data allotment in a matter of days. T-Mobile announced that all traffic from the Pokémon Go app will not count against anyone’s data caps, in the same vein as their Music Freedom and Binge […]

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    The 2 TB Xbox One S Will Be Available on August 2

    At E3 this year, Microsoft confirmed they were working on two new versions of the Xbox One — the slimmed down, cheaper Xbox One S and the more powerful Project Scorpio, which promises to enable gaming at 4k resolution. While the latter is still far off, Microsoft had a finished version of the Xbox One S […]

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    Pokémon Go Might Have a Partnership With McDonald’s in the Works

    Pokémon Go is already making obscene amounts of money from in-app purchases, but it looks like that’s only the start. Stories have been coming out left and right about lucky businesses that happened to be the site of a rare Pokémon sighting or a Pokéstop or gym, bringing in loads of potential customers. The marketing potential isn’t lost […]

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    Could Pokemon Go Be Headed to Virtual Reality?

    Now that the dust has settled on the security concern and injuries and real-world friendship forging stories, we need some new Pokémon Go material for the mill. We’ve got it thanks to Business Insider, which on a tip discovered a link between the wildly popular game and the Google Cardboard virtual reality platform. The discovery, which says […]

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    22 Video Game-Inspired Earrings For Gamer Girls

    For many of us, video games bring back memories of summers and Saturday mornings past spent in imaginative worlds that we were ever so briefly a part of, or of the inevitable struggle to be player one with friends or siblings. Or, they remind us of, like, a few hours ago. Either way, you’re bound to […]

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    Pokemon Go Isn’t Actually Spying On Your Emails, After all

    In just a few days on the app store, Pokémon Go has spawned so many stories and tweets that it’s pretty much locked up its spot in every year-end 2016 recap post to come. Besides beating Tinder, causing people to discover dead bodies, and spawning new friendships around PokéStops, one of the biggest of those stories started […]

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    Pokemon Go Just Overtook Tinder in Total Downloads

    Look, we’ll admit it straight away — the present level of froth over Pokémon Go is not sustainable. By this time next month, or even next week, you will probably see a lot fewer people heading to local parks and police stations and strip clubs and whatever other real world places have been deemed PokéStops and gyms. But, […]

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    Pokemon Go is Finally Available in the U.S.A. on iOS and Android

    After a limited release in Australia and New Zealand, it’s finally here — Pokémon Go, the augmented reality game that populates the real world with Pokémon, is out in the United States for iOS and Android. The choice between Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander has never been more personal. So, how is it being a real-world Pokémon trainer? Well, I’ll […]

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    Xbox Games Will Be Available for PC Starting September 13

    Back in February, the Xbox team held a press event where they talked about the future of the Xbox One — a future that involves Windows 10 much more than we had previously imagined. Xbox One now runs on Windows 10, but at that event, Xbox head Phil Spencer revealed Microsoft’s intent to make the PC […]

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    Minecraft Film is Coming in 2019

    2019 is going to be a big year for movies, and yes, it’s still 2016 right now. But, we all know how early the hype machine gets turned on for these things now — Disney has a movie schedule through 2019, while Marvel has one that goes even further and includes the already much talked about […]

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    FaceIt Wants to be the Face of Competitive Gaming

    There’s a space between casual online gaming and the top-tier pros, and it can sometimes be a pretty frustrating place to be. A lot of gamers want to compete in team-based games like Overwatch or League of Legends, but if they don’t already have a team of friends they can always play with, teaming up with randoms […]

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    Air Hogs Connect Mission Drone Combines Drone Piloting and Augmented Reality Gameplay

    E3 had plenty in store for older gamers, but the little guys weren’t completely forgotten about. Air Hogs, long known for their remote-controlled vehicles, has taken their flight prowess and combined it with augmented reality gameplay that should be a hit with kids. Usually, augmented reality games work with small markers — place them around a […]