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    Someone Studied Pokémon Go’s Health Benefits, and the Results Won’t Shock You

    Today in science that probably didn’t need to be done (but why not?), we have a study published in the British Medical Journal about the health benefits of Pokémon Go. Researchers from Harvard and the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden lived the dream this year, pulling off a weeks-long study to test whether or not playing Pokémon Go led to […]

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    Starbucks Officially Joins Forces With Pokémon Go

    Starbucks is officially joining Sprint in the push to make Pokémon Go magic happen all over again. The Sprint announcement revealed that new Pokémon are to be introduced to the game next week, expanding the number of Pokémon that can be collected by as many as 100. It’s looking like developers Niantic are attempting to better capitalize on […]

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    Pokémon Go Chooses Sprint as a Partner Before Launching New Pokémon Next Week

    Remember the massive crowds that Pokémon Go generated back when the game first launched in the summer? Sprint’s hoping they start forming around their stores next week. That’s when the game’s developers, Niantic, are expected to announce new Pokémon (likely from the series’ second generation), the latest and most significant update in the game’s attempt at a […]

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    Capcom Reveals Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite With New Trailer

    The rumors proved somewhat true — it’s not called Marvel vs. Capcom 4, but a new Marvel vs. Capcom game is indeed coming our way next year. Capcom showed off a teaser and a little gameplay footage of Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite at PlayStation Experience in Anaheim over the weekend, and we already know six of the characters who […]

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    Crossover Fighting Game Marvel vs. Capcom 4 Could Be Announced This Weekend

    The Marvel vs. Capcom series of fighting games has never been a mainstream hit, but it’s been a legendary force in the world’s arcades — the competitive scene around the series was thriving long before eSports became a multi-million dollar industry. While the last release, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, has been a healthy tournament mainstay since its […]

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    Mamma Mia! Nintendo Land is Coming to Universal Studios

    If you’ve ever wanted to a place to murder mushrooms, break bricks with your head, and hop down enormous green pipes, Universal Studios and Nintendo are about to make all those dreams come true. In a joint press release earlier today, the amusement park chain and the video game giant announced a partnership that will […]

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    Pokémon Go is Giving Out Double XP and Stardust Starting Tomorrow

    In celebration of the roller coaster that Pokémon Go has been over the past four and a half months (seems like it’s been so much longer), developers Niantic are offering players double XP and Stardust for a whole week, starting tomorrow. While the promotion coincides with Thanksgiving, the double XP and Stardust event is a global event […]

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    A Rare Pokémon Card Got Sold for $54k At An Auction

    They say a rising tide lifts all boats, right? Heritage Auctions did a little digging and discovered that way more Pokémon cards were being sold on eBay in the weeks after the Pokémon Go craze started. Last week, that froth boiled over into the auction big leagues — a super rare Pikachu card fetched $54,970 at a Heritage […]

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    Super Mario Run Will Hop Onto iOS on December 15

    When Nintendo made a surprise appearance at the iPhone 7 launch to reveal Super Mario Run, they weren’t ready to say when the game would be released and were clear that the game would rely on an up-front price instead of microtransactions. But, they did promise to deliver before the end of the year, and they’re making […]

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    HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

    Click clack, click clack — the sounds a mechanical keyboard makes when you type on one. Typing on a mechanical keyboard is similar to typing on a typewriter, and the feelings your fingers get to experience is simply exquisite. The Alloy FPS mechanical keyboard created by HyperX is nothing short of phenomenal. The Alloy FPS was […]

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    Nintendo is Reviving the Power Line for the NES Classic Launch

    In July, we started getting hyped for a blast from Nintendo’s past. The company announced they would be re-releasing their old NES console, Nintendo’s ’80s home gaming breakthrough, in a smaller box preloaded with 30 NES games. Well, this Friday is the big launch day, and Nintendo is celebrating with more than just the console. […]

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    SteelSeries Arctis 5 Review

    The SteelSeries Arctis line of gaming headsets is the latest release in a string of gaming peripherals that have moved away from loud, ugly design and toward something more sleek and modern. When the line launched, we noticed that it also had some gaming-specific features that made the headsets look like better buys than competing […]

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    Super Mario Run for iOS Will Have a Free Trial, With a Fee to Unlock the Whole Game

    When Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto made a surprise appearance at the iPhone 7 launch, he revealed Nintendo’s biggest foray into smartphone gaming yet with Super Mario Run. It won’t be Nintendo’s first smartphone app — that was Miitomo (Nintendo was financially involved in, but did not make, Pokémon Go) — but it’ll probably become their most downloaded and played for some time to […]

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    Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Review

    Earlier this month, we took a look at the campaign of Gears of War 4 and found a faithful and enjoyable return to the third-person cover-based shooter series — lots of chainsaws, lots of exploding enemies of subterranean origin, and lots of hiding behind concrete blocks. Like with any game today, it’s tough to review multiplayer before those […]