Acer Gemstone Blue Multimedia Laptops Revealed

gemstone.jpgAcer called a press conference in New York today to announce two new Products. They started off the conference by discussing the color blue. Why Blue? They claim that both women and men like blue, and that it’s the most liked color of all the colors. A little while later they unveiled two new laptops aimed to be multimedia powerhouses with unusual specs. The first reason these two new lappys are unusual, is their 16:9 aspect ratio, as opposed to the more common 16:10 on most laptops. The 16:9 aspect ratio, combined with 1900×1200 resolution on these new laptops allow you to take advantage of full 1080p HD movies that you can watch on the included Blu-Ray drives. They’ve thrown in  a 512MB NVIDIA 9650m GS graphics cards which they promise will take the load off of the CPU and on to the video card, thus insuring a great Blu-Ray experience. The two new models will be available in 16″ ( the 6920G) and 18.4″ (the 8920G) flavors, with the 16″ model sporting 2.1 sub woofers with CineReal sound and the 18.4″ pumping out true 5.1 subwoofers with CineReal as well.

Other specs are mostly what you would expect – Intel Core 2 Duo processors starting at 1.5GHz, up to a 320GB hard drive (you can configure two hard drives in the bigger model), an HDMI port with HDCP support, a multi-card memory card reader, an Express Card Slot and 4GB of ram. Overall, these two new models looked pretty slick but not ground breaking. The most exciting aspect was the estimated retail pricing of $900 to $1700 which is very affordable for these kind of specs. And the blue coloring that they’re all about? Ehh, it’s ok. We’d prefer if we had some color choices. Oh, and one last thing that we have to commend Acer for. We’re used to seeing companies use model’esque women to parade around their new products, but Acer didn’t just have women models showing off the new laptops at the event – they had cute guys walking around showing off the laptops as well. Go Acer!


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