E-Tracker I.D. Recovers Your Lost Gadgets and Rewards the Finders

Albeit not the first company to offer a lost and found service for electronics, E-Tracker I.D. is a worthy service to consider, especially since it offers incentives for finders – which in turn makes it more likely that your gadget will be returned. Statistics report that 12,000 laptops are lost every week in the U.S.! All you have to do is purchase an E-Tracker I.D. for your gadget and affix the I.D. on to your gadget. The E-Tracker I.D. indicates that there is a reward for return of your precious. It also comes with a unique I.D. and a phone number and web site for the person who found the gadget. E-Tracker I.D. will even reward the finder for you. What do finders get? A $10 cash value gift card for returning a digital camera, a cell phone / PDA, MP3 / iPod, a portable game console, or GPS device, and a $25 gift card for returning a laptop. A finder will also be entered in to the GLF Finders Sweepstakes which offers them a chance to win a $1,000 shopping spree – every month. Pricing for the E-Tracker I.D. is affordable too. E-Tracker I.D.’s for cameras, phones, MP3 players, GPS systems and portable game consoles cost just $9.99 each and come with two years of service following registration. E-Tracker I.D.’s for laptops costs $24.99