Moshi Neato Screen Cleaner and Concerti iPhone Case Review

Moshi’s new neato is a simple eco-friendly product that aims to keep your computer screen clean. The neato is there to wipe off fingerprints, grease and dust particles. Neato is made of microfiber and Terahedron which excels at managing to keep your screen clean without scratching or damaging a screen’s sensitive anti-reflective coating. The other “neat” aspect of the neato is that it’s able to adhere to many different types of surfaces, including the side or back of your display so you can reach for it to clean easily. This “stickiness” tech powered by what Moshi calls the GeckoPad so that neato is able to be attached over and over without leaving any residue.

Neato is also green friendly – it’s hand washable and renewable so that you can keep using it over and over, as opposed to traditional screen wipes where you use one and then throw it away.

I tried using the neato out on a 24″ iMac, which is a pretty big dust collector. The neato does a nice job of wiping dust away. The best part for me is that I can stick it to the bottom of the monitor for easy access. Neato comes with both a black and gray cleaner in each $16 package. These two colors of-course blend in well with the iMac and new Macbooks.

The Good:
Eco-Friendly, Sticks to most surfaces for convenient access, keeps your screen clean

The Bad:

A bit pricey

The concerti case for the iPhone and iPhone 3G is kind of like a triple threat. It’s a case with an inner case, and it also comes with a Terahedron inner lining to keep your iPhone scratch free. Available in red, black or white, the outside of the concerti case is made of a stiff front and back panel covered in a smooth polyester like material that provides a good amount of protection for the iPhone. But that isn’t where the case’s protection ends.

Physically attached to the concerti’s outer case is a silicone case for extra protection – the silicon particularly serves to protect the sides of the iPhone. On the inside back of the silicon casing there is a microfiber like Terahedron inner lining which is there to help further protect your iPhone from scratches. A detachable neato microfibre pad is also attached to the back side of the front flap, so you can easily keep your iPhone streak and smudge free as well. The top of the case clasps to the other side of the case to keep the front flap together – without the use of a button.

Overall, the concerti case is well made and well thought out. It provides a tremendous amount of protection for your iPhone, while still allowing your iPhone to be usable. The included detachable neato pad helps keep your iPhone in tip top shape as well and is a nice touch. This is definitely the iPhone case for a clean freak. Unfortunately this level of protection does come with a price – the case adds a significant amount of bulk to the iPhone which could be cumbersome in pockets. The concerti iPhone case from Moshi retails for $40.

The Good:
Offers good protection, included neato screen cleaner is handy, case is made of quality materials

The Bad:
Case makes the iPhone significantly bulky.