S1Audio Bud Bud Two in One Earbuds Because Sharing Means Caring

Tired of sharing your listening experience and being stuck with only one ear bud in your ear? S1Audio has come up with a wide range of solutions to make sharing music fun and not irritating. Bud•Bud™ MP3 is a set of earbuds that are essentially two sets of earbuds in one. When you first hold it, it seems like just a plain black pair of earbuds but wallah in the back of the buds is an extra earbud for someone to listen to music with you – ultimately converting a single pair of stereo earbuds in two pairs to share. You won’t loose any sound quality and long gone will be the days of being left with one earbud dangling in your ear. Another innovative product from S1Audio is the NxSet Music 1. This is not some funky looking bandana but a headset that rests on your shoulders and not on your ears. Feel like taking a nap or reading a book and not putting something on your ears, then the NxSet is the perfect item for you. It provides excellent stereo quality sound for private listening and ergonomic support. If you want to share it with a friend, just place it on a table for everyone around you to hear too.  Both the Bud•Bud™ MP3 and NxSet Music 1 will be available in wired and bluetooth AD2DP versions. Look for Bud•Bud™ MP3 and NxSet Music 1 around the holidays or early 2009.

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