Sony Debuts Two Pink Limited Edition VAIO’s in Their Signature Spring 2010 Collection

Sony1Well I’m certainly ready for spring, and so is Sony apparently since they have just announced their Signature Spring 2010 collection. For those not familiar with the Signature line of laptops from Sony, they are basically various different models of VAIO Notebooks that get a facelift and are then renamed as limited edition versions. We have mentioned them several times before but this latest collection really seems to be targeting the ladies. There is not one but TWO pink notebooks available. First is the Brilliant Pink CW and next is the Pink P Series Lifestyle PC. If pink isn’t your thing, the next best standout is the Crystal Rain White CW Notebook.  Keep in mind that every VAIO Signature Notebook is a limited edition, so they won’t be around forever. The VAIO Signature collection CW notebooks start at $839.99 and the Pink P Lifestyle PC starts at $999.99.  Although considerably pricey for what they are – each one exemplifies spring colors as well as design and are meant for those who are truly looking for something different when it comes to their notebooks.


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