Darth Vader Shadow Alarm Clock Will Scare You Enough To Be on Time

imageloadIf waking up in a cold sweat, thinking the dark side is waiting to take your soul seems far fetched, then you haven’t seen this newest Darth Vader Shadow Alarm Clock. It’s 2010 and that means new and exciting wares with the Star Wars branding. So to kick start 2010 – the Star Wars shop has on pre-order this wicked projector clock that displays Darth’s shadow on the wall when the alarm goes off. That should scare you right out of bed! The clock is all black with a orange/reddish hue for the digital clock display. Right now the imagery for the clock is subject to change, but I’m sure it won’t deviate too much from this prototype’s pic. The Darth Vader Shadow Alarm Clock retails for $26.99

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