Mayor Bloomberg Replaces Index Cards with an iPad for Speech

ipadWell – well it looks like the iPad has now invaded the Mayoral office. Yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, ditched the index cards and replaced it with an iPad for a speech on Wednesday at City Hall.  Earlier in the day he even showed it off on Staten Island where he declared that he may replace his daily briefing book, itineraries, and other notes with the iPad. Ironically, the mayor was there speaking about the city’s struggling economy and facing questions from taxpayers who feel they are getting the short end of the stick. So maybe this was not the best place to show off his new toy. According to the New York Daily News, Mayor Bloomberg has a bunch of apps covering his various interests – such as flying, learning Spanish, new restaurants and 311. He even uses it to relax with a virtual Koi pond. All I can say is, that his own money better have paid for that iPad, and not my tax money.

ipadjpg-cb3b3cd2c2072226_large(via the NY Daily News and Silive)

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