Teac’s SR-100i iPod Speaker was Separated from the B&W Zeppelin at Birth

sr-100i-1It does seem like many iPod speakers do all look the same, but there is no question for as to where the new Teac SR-100i took its design cues from. The upcoming SR-100i resembles Bowers & Wilkins’ very own semi-iconic Zeppelin speaker, with a similar football shape and band running across its middle. However, the Teach SR-100i is half the price at just $299 and it manages to pack in a slot-in CD player, and an FM radio, which the Zeppelin lacks. So lets get this straight, Teac’s dock has similar looks, but more features – for half the price? We smell law suit! You can pre-order the Teac SR-100i for $299 at J&R.


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