24kt Gold Graphic Plated iPhone 4 is Legit Not a Rendering

We have all seen the renderings of iPhone 4’s blinged out in diamonds, gold, platinum, etc…from the likes of Stuart Hughes. It’s easy to make a rendering. However Computer-Choppers has the sense to actually show-off the real thing. They have just unleashed their collection of blinged out iPhone 4’s covered in Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, and Platinum. Not only do they have these snazzy plating’s but they will also add diamonds, sapphires, as well as patterns, text or other artwork. You can send in your phone to be customized or Computer-Choppers has their own stock of unlocked phones they will sell you. Pricing has not been made public but I can’t imagine its very cheap but the good thing is, atleast you know what you are getting.

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