6 Steve Jobs Merch to Tide You Over During His Leave of Absence

We all don’t know when Steve Jobs is headed back to his desk at Apple, but we hope it’s soon. In the meantime here are some Steve Jobs merch that should help tide us over till he gets back to the Apple stage to wow us with the next iPad…iPhone…or anything else with the letter ‘i’ before it.  Get well Steve!!

Steve Jobs Bust

Yes, you can stare at this 3D printed bust of Jobs all day but it would be even better if you paired him up with his Co-Founder Woz. Because like Jobs, Woz deserves as much credit for Apple’s success.

Bill’ve stolen Steve’s Apple

This is a great way to immortalize the infamous business relationship of Gates and Jobs with a laptop decal, of course.

Say Anything Steve Jobs

Because Steve Jobs could ‘say anything,’ and we would believe it. This t-shirt should really be required for all genius store employees.

Pineapple CEO Action Figure

The Pineapple CEO Action Figure Ninja Edition is just the piece of ZEN you need to know that Steve will lick whatever is ailing him, and stealthily slink back into Apple better than ever before.

Steve Jobs Apple Mosaic Poster

If you can’t recall all of the contributions Steve Jobs has brought to technology and his impact on the consumer electronics world- than this poster should take you on a trip down Apple memory lane. ~sniff~

Steve Jobs Black Mock Turtle Neck

Lastly, what list would be complete without a mention of Jobs’ infamous black mock turtle neck shirt. It’s not the exact one but it’s certainly close enough and on Amazon no less. And if you want to dress like Steve from his head to his toes, then Steve’s Outfit site will make sure you find everything you need to complete the look.

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