Our Top Picks for MWC 2011

This year’s Mobile World Congress had a tremendous turn out for good reason. The world of mobility is exploding and it’s not going south anytime soon. Here is a list of some of the coolest things we spotted on the showfloor.

1. We got a hands-on with most of the Android powered smartphones and tablets that were unveiled at MWC, but amidst the plethora of impressive devices that were shown off, we are most taken with HTC’s line-up. The HTC Flyer tablet with its solid and sleek build quality, complimented by the lovely Sense UI makes us, for the first time, ever want to actually own a 7″ tablet. We were also quite taken with their ChaCha handset, which is lovely to hold in your hand and type on, and the adorable Salsa is also quite charming as it looks like it would be the ultimate phone for a night out on the town.

2. Intel was really busy at MWC this year. They talked up and promoted their MeeGo platform and AppUp store, showed off an upcoming tablet running the MeeGo OS, and they announced that they’ll be shipping smartphones running on Intel processors this year. They also announced that they’re investing money in developing several different mobile technologies. But Amongst all of these announcements, we’re personally most excited about the investments they are making into developing dual-sim technology. Dual-Sim have been talked about for years, and it’s even available in some capacities already, but it has yet to become widespread and easily available. Who doesn’t want two sim cards in their phone so they can separate their work number from their personal number? If there is anyone who can make this become a pervasive technology, it’s Intel.

3. On the showfloor we noticed several companies showing off phone systems, that resembled traditional landline phones but are actually running on 3G. This technology might just be the next big thing.

4. A company called Umeox was showing off some solar powered phones. In particular, their solar powered Android phone seems like a vision of the future. We’re confident that we’ll be seeing more and more solar powered handsets roll out over the next year or two.

5. It feels like we’ve been waiting forever for a PSP phone and the Sony Ericsson PLAY looks like it will actually be a satisfying choice for hard-core gamers.

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