Celebrity Apprentice Gary Busey Offers Travelers a Spiritual GPS Journey

Say what you will about Gary Busey, but you can always expect the unexpected with him. He even makes Charlie Sheen look sane at times, especially when Gary starts rambling about things that make no coherent sense. Of course he is an actor, so it’s hard to tell if he isn’t just pulling our leg or not, but it’s still entertaining to watch. That said, would you want this man giving you driving directions?  The new Celebrity Apprentice star will be bringing his unique blend of deep and spiritual driving directions to GPS users across the globe. Gary’s voice is now available to treat drivers and passengers to turn-by-turn driving directions and provides spiritual enlightenment along all routes, or “journeys”, as Gary refers to them.

You can expect a wide range of Gary Busey sayings along your trip such as, “do not pet the lions or the gorillas,” or “be in the silence and let the journey be in the noise.” Continuing along the route, one might hear other unique pearls of wisdom such as, “don’t look in to the rear-view mirror to clean your teeth, or you could rear end a log truck in Oregon and remove your teeth forever.” Available now for $6.95 at NavTones, Gary Busey GPS Voice features more than 60 audio clips and it downloads instantly to most Garmin nuvi portable GPS devices. Let’s just hope that Gary leads you to your destination, and not the loony bin.

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