iPad 2 Gold History Edition Costs $8 Million and Has T-Rex Shavings

Well if you haven’t been able to find an iPad 2 yet in stock, then there is always the £5,000,000.00 (about $8 Million USD) iPad 2 from Stuart Hughes to consider… You still there? I know I fell off my chair when I saw the price tag. Yes, the iPad 2 Gold History Edition has it all: its back is covered in 24kt gold, it sports an an Apple Logo that consists of 53 diamonds, its frame is made from the oldest rock in the world (Ammolite) along with some shavings (57 grams to be exact) from a 65 million old T-Rex Dinosaur. To top it all off, the home button is also adorned with a 8.5ct diamond along with 12 outer flawless diamonds encircling it as well. However, the real question that is bothering us the most, is not even who would buy this, but who would let them use these rare artifacts for an iPad 2 no less? It just all sounds kind of fishy to me. There will only be 2 of these iPad 2 History Editions made – Thank god.