Angry Birds Goes to the Dogs and Cats with Hartz Toys

Truly, Rovio? Haven’t you brought enough havoc to humans with your darn Angry Birds game, why must you spread your addictive birds and pigs madness to our pets too! Yes, that’s right – those infamous Angry Birds are making their way to your dogs and cats. Hartz will be selling Angry Birds squeak toys,  plush dolls, cat nip, and wands. Read on for details on all of these new pet toys.

Hartz Angry Birds Plush Ball with Soundchip – Squeeze this 4” plush ball and hear it come to life with the real Angry Birds soundwaves! Also available in a 2.5” version for smaller dogs.

Hartz Angry Birds Two Heads –  Made of soft plush material with a squeaker in the middle. It will be available in a 7″ and 17” version from end to end.

Hartz Angry Birds Birds Gone Crazy – Your cat will lick its chops to get a hold of these Angry Birds. Cats will swat, chase, and hunt each of these six little angry birds, as the bell inside makes them keep coming back for more.

Hartz Angry Birds Wand – Angry Birds catnip on a stick –  delicious!

All these toys will be making its way to pet stores come holiday time. In the meantime, our junior reporter has already thoroughly tested out the Yellow Bird Squeak toy and it’s a hit – even if it was silenced in two hours…