Foursquare Update Review for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone 7

It’s only Monday and so far Foursquare has lots of news to share. One of which is that they now have over 10,000,000 folks using the the social geo-location service. They have also just announced that they would start partnering with Groupon, Gilt Group, LivingSocial, Gilt City, AT&T Interactive, Zozi, BuyWithMe, and others for daily deals and specials.So all of this is great news for Foursquare… heck, I’m becoming an addict, but what about the actual app?

Well if you recently updated your Android, iPhone and Windows Phone 7, versions of Foursquare you would be welcomed with a nice surprise – a slick new interface for all the three devices that is a bit more intuitive and faster than before.

As for the iPhone update, the iPhone version of Foursquare is still pretty much the same overall. There are a few subtle updates that a true Foursquare junkie would notice, but overall the app update is consistent with its previous release.  The one major update however is the dedicated check button on the bottom. Tap it, and you will automatically be redirected to nearby places that are ready to give you points.

But be careful cheaters… the Foursquare app is getting smarter and won’t let you check in if it determines that you are too far away from the point of interest. In fact you will be greeted with a “Your phone thinks you are too far away, so no points or badges will be earned for this check-in.” Sure go ahead and blame it on your poor phone…. Foursquare is too big for its britches now to tell you directly, instead it blames something else. Hmph…

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The Android version of Foursquare is also looking pretty much the same as before. However, the most significant addition is the Notification Tray, which will notify you of new alerts about Foursquare activity, such as comments, points, and friend invites. The interface is also more stable than before and it’s now quicker to find nearby locales.

Lastly the Windows Phone 7 version of Foursquare is perhaps the most different out of the three. The app is quite loud in a fun sort of way with rich colors accentuating the Foursquare colors. It also loves its many icons. Till now I mostly used the 4th and Mayor app for my Windows Phone 7 Foursquare needs. It has been a tried and true stable app that found all my nearby locales easily and quickly. However, the Windows Phone 7 version of Foursquare is anything but straightforward. If you like icons and things located all over the place, then you will love this app. Nothing is straightforward or very intuitive. It’s very pretty to look at but even the icons that I have grown accustomed to in the other platforms, look completely different here. Fortunately, the recent update of the WP7 version of Foursquare is much faster than past versions off the app, but when operating both on 3G or Edge it’s as slow as a snail to load up and pick up nearby locales.

So in the end which platform shows off Foursquare’s muscles best? Well that would be a tie between the Android and iPhone versions with the Windows Phone 7 version placing a distant 2nd. The WP7 version gives Foursquare a whimsical feel but its lack of ease of use could leave you frustrated at times. The update certainly improves upon the previous versions sluggishness and crashes, but it may lead you to checking-out versus checking-in.

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