Skinny is World’s Thinnest iPad 2 Case with Keyboard

When someone offers a way to turn your iPad into a mini-keyboard without bringing the bulk, you have to take notice. The Keyboard Case for the iPad 2 is exactly that, offering a solid wireless Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad 2 while remaining exceptionally slim – 21 mm thick, including the iPad 2. The Keyboard Case is clean and professional-looking, and comes in black and white. It has a touch keyboard, which is why it remains so thin, but also features a surface that adds texture to the keys, making the process of typing feel more natural. Your iPad 2 will also automatically go into sleep mode and wake up when you close and open the case, respectively.

Battery life is very impressive, offering up to 68 hours of continuous use. The Keyboard Case also brings the versatility – you can lay your iPad 2 down and use it traditionally, or stand it up with the keyboard and use it as a laptop. All the outer buttons are accessible, and there is a cut-out in the back of the case, so that the camera lens is not covered. Hatch & Co.’s Keyboard Case is bound to be useful for any iPad 2 owner who needs to use it for word processing or heavy web browsing. The case sells on Hatch & Co.’s website now for about $90.


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