Draw Foolish Images on Your iFoolish iPhone 4S Case

Your iPhone 4S is pretty amazing. You can browse the Internet, send text messages, send emails, and make phone calls, all from one device. But, you know what your iPhone 4S really needs? A way to send messages the old fashioned way – writing them down and showing them to someone else. You can do just that with the iFoolish iPhone 4S case from  Basic Principles, a name which I’m guessing has a little bit to do with the words of the late, great Steve Jobs.

The case comes with a writing pen that you can use to draw pictures or messages on the ‘magic’ red drawing board. It looks like the case might work using magnetic materials in the board and on the pen, like many similar old toys were built, but that’s not confirmed. Young kids can also get a kick out of it if you let your little ones have smartphone play time. Not that adults can’t get silly with it, either. After all, it never hurts to stay a little foolish.

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