LG May Unveil Google TV at CES 2012 and then Launch in Australia

With the rapid success of the Samsung Smart TV, Google knows it has some catching up to do. Google TV launched last year to less than rave reviews, with many deriding the software as half-baked and limited in functionality. Partners Sony and Logitech have suffered as the popularity of Google TV has taken a tumble – Logitech slashed prices aggressively on its Google TV compatible set-top box, Revue, and Sony’s television division continues to lose money. As of Friday, Logitech is ditching Revue entirely, citing lack of demand.

Google is now playing from behind, suffering from a less than stellar reputation in the television market. How can they repair it? Launching a new software update and partnering with the second-largest television manufacturer might be a good start.

Rumors are swirling that LG will unveil a new smart TV featuring Google TV 2.0 at CES 2012 in January. Google TV 2.0, which officially started rolling out two weeks ago, is more user friendly than the first iteration, and runs on Android 3.1. Full access to the Android Market is also present. Google TV still needs to contend with its lack of programming, with ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and Hulu refusing to allow their programming on the service.

If the rumors are true, the LG Smart TV with Google TV will launch first in Australia, sometime in Q2 2012. Keep an eye out for more information as CES 2012 approaches.